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img_TurnKey-Lender_blog_Unified Lending Management at the Turn-of a-Key

Your Own Lending Management System at the Turn of a Key


Benefits of Buy Now Pay Later services for consumers and businesses

DV interview blog article november 2023

How traditional finance providers can capitalize on the embedded lending revolution

img_Turnkey-Lender_Just Some of the Things TurnKey Lender Standard Platform is Capable of -1920

TurnKey Lender Standard Platform Capabilities (With a Bonus White Paper) 

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Embedded lending revolution – preparing your business to finance clients in-house  

img_turnkley-lender_ATMs are poised to become a compelling new frontier for digital lending-1920-1

ATMs Are Poised to Become a Compelling New Frontier for Digital Lending

img_turnkley-lender_Why some lenders are still stuck using spreadsheets for almost everything-1920-4

Why Some Lenders Are Still Stuck Using Spreadsheets for Almost Everything

img_turnkley-lender_APIs, KPIs, and the Future of Embedded Finance -1920-2

APIs, KPIs, and the Future of Embedded Finance


How to Choose the Right Lending Automation Software for Your Business

img_turnkley-lender_Five Myths Keeping Banks From Winning in a Transformed Financial-Service Landscape -1920-1

Five Myths Keeping Banks From Winning in a Transformed Financial-Service Landscape 

img_turnkley-lender_A look under the hood at TurnKey Lender’s game-changing artificial intelligence -1920-2

Digital Lending ROI: Positive Return on Technology Investment

img_Turnkey-Lender_Embedded finance: Increase your ROI and customer loyalty -1920-2

Embedded Finance: Increase Your ROI and Customer Loyalty 


Lender’s Cyber Safety in a World of Cyber Criminals