What TurnKey Lender platform has in store for the UK and Ireland 

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TurnKey Lender is one of the pioneers and industry leaders of digital lending automation globally. Over 50 million borrowers around the world work with traditional, alternative, and embedded creditors who use TurnKey Lender Platform to digitize all parts of their operations. 

In 2022, this leading lending solution is expanding into the UK and Ireland and introducing a host of UK-specific pre-configured integrations and features, allowing businesses in the UK to benefit from the same high levels of automation, flexibility, AI-based credit scoring and enterprise-grade reporting features as the rest of TurnKey Lender’s global community.  

Through an in-depth R&D process and collaboration on the new features with select clients, TurnKey Lender team ensured the platform caters to the needs of UK lenders out of the box.  


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The solution automates all elements of the consumer lending process in United Kingdom. It’s compliant with AML and KYC, processes UK’s credit scoring data, and applies proprietary AI to make sure you approve more of the right loans faster. Just some of the important updates include: 

  • Loan application workflow and form fields are adjustable and tailored to the consumer lending standards of the UK market  
  • Decision engine analyses UK credit bureau and bank statement data and utilises it in instant AI-driven credit scoring.  
  • Plug-and-play integrations with local data providers 

Dmytro Voronenko Ph.D., CEO and co-founder of TurnKey Lender comments – “We’re very excited that our platform enters the UK’s digital lending space. Apart from our award-winning end-to-end automation, we bring a set of meaningful UK integrations and tailor-fit configuration options.  We look forward to working with more creditors in the UK to help them cut costs, reduce risks, grow their portfolios, and provide borrowers with finance on better terms.” 

The end-to-end lending automation platform now offers the following UK integrations, making the platform a seamless fit for any business in the UK or Ireland looking to streamline their lending processes: 

  • Bank verification service (Plaid) 

TurnKey Lender’s native integration with Plaid allows customers to connect their financial accounts to the platform, making it easier for UK businesses to automate customer payments, quickly retrieve customers’ financial data (for loan scoring purposes), and to display the correct financial details during the loan origination and loan underwriting processes.  

  • Document signing (SignNow) 

TurnKey Lender has recently partnered with third-party signature service company SignNow, enabling businesses and their customers to sign loan agreements quickly and easily with electronic signatures.

  • Native integration with any SMTP server  

TurnKey Lender’s seamless integration with all of the UK’s leading SMTP servers helps businesses send both manual and automated email updates to customers from the UK and beyond.   

  • SMS notification (BulkSMS/Message Bird)  

This integration enables businesses to send regular SMS notifications to customers; nurturing ongoing customer relationships and providing them with important information and instant updates about their loans. 

  • Credit bureau (Equifax) 

Equifax, the UK’s leading credit bureau, provides credit reports for customers across the UK. The credit bureau now natively integrates with TurnKey Lender to enable the most accurate loan scoring and decisioning possible.  

UK businesses are transforming their lending processes with TurnKey Lender

TurnKey Lender platform lets lenders in the UK automate all parts of their loans’ lifecycle from a single intuitive cloud-based solution. With TurnKey Lender, businesses based in the UK and Ireland now have access to an advanced, AI-powered lending automation and decision management solution that allows lenders – as well as enterprises that offer financing – to utilise powerful workflows to simplify their entire lending management process.

Businesses in the UK and Ireland can benefit from TurnKey Lender’s powerful end-to-end loan management automation, which allows TurnKey Lender clients to make smarter loan decisions, decrease churn and get faster loans to the right people – on the right terms. 

With its proprietary AI, enterprise-grade reporting features and the fastest time-to-market, it’s no wonder TurnKey Lender’s powerful lending solution is trusted by hundreds of businesses around the globe.

If you’re a UK business looking to take your loan automation to the next level, look no further than TurnKey Lender’s UK edition for a world-class loan management platform.  

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