How to Add an API Client and Key to Integrate TurnKey Lender with Third-Party Solutions and Services

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Digital lending is a complex process. In today’s age of global digitalization, it requires multiple data sources and products to work together and act as one secure and efficient operation. Payment providers, email and SMS services, accounting software, credit unions, and the list goes on. All that needs to be integrated into a one solution in order for a digital lending business to work efficiently.

In the past, such integrations could take weeks to test and fully deploy. Luckily, this is no longer the case and TurnKey Lender leads the race for simple integrations in the digital lending space.

The most efficient way to integrate two independent digital products or services is by means of an API key. This is a unique set of characters, like a password, that you get from one solution and enter into the other in order for them to have a direct channel of communication. Through it, the two digital entities can exchange the specific data they are set to share and store.

The TurnKey Lender System comes built-in with sophisticated functionality required to easily generate dedicated API clients and keys for as many third-party products and services as you may need. It’s important to keep in mind that when you generate a new API key and share it with other solutions, you provide them access to certain data of your operation, so always stay cautious not just in terms of personal reliability of your partners, but also in terms of their technical security as they could be a gateway for cybersecurity breaches.  In today’s market, third-party services help enhance your business’ performance and can be easily integrated.

Let’s go over the steps you need to take to integrate TurnKey Lender with third-party solutions and services by means of a unique API key.

1. Navigate to System > API Clients.

2. To proceed with adding a third-party integration, click Add API client. The window you see above will open.

3. Here you can assign permissions to the API client. There are two permission levels here:

 3.1 Front-office – The API key will provide access to using the methods needed to support all the Front-office functionality:

  • Application process
  • The customer’s portal
  • The investor’s portal

    3.2. Migration – Allows for accessing the data migration functionality.

4. Once you have selected the permissions you want to assign to this API client, click Generate new key.

4.1 Here you can also save changes or cancel the key generation for the time being and come back to it later.

5. If you click Generate new key, the following popup will open.

Here you can set the name for your new API key and set an expiry date for it if you need to.

6. Click OK to save the settings. The popup will close and you will see your new API key in the list.

In the Actions section of each key, you can copy, edit, or erase it.

All the settings, other than the Secret API key name, can be edited by a back-office user with Administrator permission access. Copy the secret API key into the clipboard and send this API key and your domain URL to the third-party service provider to let them integrate with your TurnKey Lender instance.

Final Thoughts

Today’s web landscape revolves around integrating solutions and processing enormous amounts of data. TurnKey Lender ensures that both processes are streamlined and secure. Use this simple step-by-step guide to integrate your TurnKey Lender portal with third-party solutions and services.

Reach out today to get started using TurnKey Lender for your business.

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