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Intelligent underwriting software that puts credit decisioning on autopilot

We know your pain points, and we address them

Eliminate human error in credit decisioning

Achieve same-day automatic and reliable loan approvals

Reduce credit decisioning risks with intelligent scoring models

Why TurnKey Lender Underwriting

TurnKey Lender Underwriting

Intelligent Risk Scoring

Credit History Analysis

Monitoring and Reporting

End-to-End Automation

Instant Scoring Reports

Dedicated Underwriting Workspace

Underwriting with TurnKey Lender
vs Manual analysis


  1. Underwriter may take up to 9 days to collect all the data, analyze it, and make the final crediting decision.
  2. The business is hard to scale cause of the operational expenses that grow with the number of customers.
  3. Human error harms your business image and lowers both potential and real revenue.
  4. Borrowers must come in person, wait in line, and answer questions. This wastes time, especially if the loan is declined.

TurnKey Lender

  1. Minimum of 50% increase compared to the number of loans that can be processed by an underwriter.
  2. The system takes care of loan decisions, providing you with a risk score or an automatic credit decision.
  3. Human error is eradicated, but some decisioning can be retained. Underwriters can review the borrower information in a well-designed workspace.
  4. The scorecard includes stop rules that, when triggered, help automatically reject low-quality deals (e.g., excessive monthly repayment compared to the salary).

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