Forbes Council: How AI equips lenders to avoid Covid-era pitfalls

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Elena Ionenko, co-founder and COO at TurnKey Lender, shares her insight into real-life applications of AI in lending in a new Forbes Council piece:  The traditional approach to loan-portfolio management puts collections and overall performance on one side, and origination on the other, with decisions that should be closely coordinated made by separate departments, often […]

Why Digital Banking Is Not Only Surviving But Thriving in 2020


Efforts to stem the spread of Covid-19 have forced consumers and businesses into workarounds for meeting basic needs — usually with significant help from pre-existing technologies. Banking is one example — and it’s likely, say experts, to remain substantially tech-enabled from now on as companies and their customers grow accustomed to the ease and convenience […]

15 Tools to Automate The Day-to-Day of Your Lending Business

img_Turnkey-Lender_blog_15 Tools to Automate The Day-to-Day of Your Lending Business

This is a guest post from the team Launching and managing a lending business can be quite an undertaking. But there are plenty of ways to make it easier. A comprehensive and intelligent technology stack should be your first step when it comes to building a successful and productive loan operation. It could prove […]


Flexible loan application flow

Automated payments and loan servicing

Efficient strategies for all collection phases

AI-based consumer and commercial credit scoring

Use third-party data and tools you love.

Consumer lending automation done right

Build a B2B lending process that works for you

Offer payment options to clients in-house

Lending automation software banks can rely on


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