The Power of Automating and Digitalizing Your Credit-Risk Management

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In Europe and North America, market-based credit-risk indicators suggest a robust “repayment recovery” is underway, with models that gauge default possibilities nearing pre-pandemic levels as of mid-June 2021, and signs of smooth sailing well into 2022. But credit-rating agency Standard and Poor’s warns that conventional risk-assessment metrics may not be adequate for particular market segments. […]

Ten Blockbuster Reasons You Need an Automated Solution for Commercial Underwriting

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In a worldwide rush for greater efficiency in financial transactions, automated underwriting stands out for its breadth of application and for acting as a catalyst for increasing competition between online and traditional lenders. Though we’re focused here on its role in consumer and middle-market B2B lending, its impact has been felt in financial segments as […]

Forbes Council: How AI equips lenders to avoid Covid-era pitfalls

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Elena Ionenko, co-founder and COO at TurnKey Lender, shares her insight into real-life applications of AI in lending in a new Forbes Council piece:  The traditional approach to loan-portfolio management puts collections and overall performance on one side, and origination on the other, with decisions that should be closely coordinated made by separate departments, often […]

Alternative Credit Scoring for Non-Traditional Lenders in Canada

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The Bank of Canada recently rained on hopes for a quick recovery from the economic impacts of the country’s coronavirus slowdown — a hope nurtured, many thought, by signs of economic resilience over the summer.  Alas, late in October, the Canadian central bank issued a Monetary Policy Report suggesting that hard times will continue, perhaps all the way through […]

Open Banking As The Permanent Disruptor of Lending


Open banking changes everything “Open banking” is a financial-information exchange methodology and a source of innovation that’s transforming banking as we know it. It gives third-party financial-service developers and providers permission-based access to customers’ financial data from financial institutions via “application programming interfaces,” or APIs. In plainer terms, open banking has the potential to change […]

Seven Ways to Tell if an LOS Provider is Right for You


With hope for a quick economic recovery from coronavirus lockdowns seemingly dashed by the contagion’s resurgence around the globe, financial-service firms, retailers, and business-to-business providers are looking with renewed intensity for adaptations to the pandemic and nascent post-pandemic protocols.   For some businesses, COVID-conscious office layouts, plexiglass partitions, and staggered shifts have come into view as components of […]


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