What You Need to Know About In-House Customer Financing & 4 Business Types That Will Benefit From It in 2023

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Throughout the history of lending, it has gone through several stages of democratization. The big banks used to have a monopoly on selling quality credit products and people who didn’t want to go to a pawnshop had no other choice but to try and qualify for an unlikely loan from a traditional institution. But things have changed.

A couple of years back, the technology made a leap and alternative lending as we know it came to be with a myriad of digital lenders rising and offering a new way to work with credit. Now the new age begins with lending management systems being easy enough to maintain and affordable enough to offer an additional revenue stream for regular business. At the same time, personal savings rates have dropped which means that people now more than ever need more accessible and affordable point-of-sale credit products.

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In-house consumer financing, no matter you provide goods or services, helps a venture offer more payment flexibility and helps them score more business even when clients don’t have all the money to pay upfront. Not to mention, the clients can also be extremely appreciative of this practice as it gives them a way to get what they need on conditions that work for them, without having to deal with the middleman’s rates and fees.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell. If you’re selling any kind of goods or services that people want to buy in several payments, you may want to scale this to a full-fledged in-house financing operation. Having your own lending platform can sound expensive and demanding. But it’s really not the case anymore.

How to Win and Keep Customers with Embedded Finance

In this day and age, you can easily deploy an all-in-one lending automation platform like that of TurnKey Lender within days. Our company offers a holistic AI-driven solution that addresses all the needs you’ll have as a provider of credit products: from risk assessment, loan origination, and servicing to collection, integrations with credit bureaus, reporting, and even regulatory compliance. Here’s a short video with an overview of the benefits and features TurnKey Pay Later



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Before, you would need to deny clients who can’t pay you in a single payment, redirect them to a bank or trust them to return the money. Now you can do all of that automatically on your own turf. This way not only do you get to instantly convert the hot lead into a paying client who is tied to you by weekly/monthly payments but also get to keep the additional margin on your product in form of a percentage. If you choose to charge them an additional percentage of course. As a provider of in-house financing, you deploy our platform within days and your clients instantly get access to safe credit.

You build meaningful relationships, you grow your business’ reach, and at the same time make more money by keeping it in your business rather than giving it away to a bank.

Expensive products are sold easier with in-house consumer finance

As a business owner, you don’t want to redirect your clients to a third-party lender at the point of checkout. You need to control the entire buyer journey, to build your own relations with the client and making profits yourself rather than outsourcing them.  And no matter if you work in a developing or developed market, your buyers have a psychological bias which makes buying decisions easier when they are covered with credit funds.

Due to the need or vanity, people do still want to buy smartphones, TVs, computers, cars, renovate their flats, etc. So in today’s (and tomorrow’s) markets, the winning business will offer in-house financing to make the buying decision easier in the cases when one doesn’t have enough cash in their pocket or in their bank account.

See, with the ongoing all-consuming digitalization, the collection of loans will only get easier. Cause you’re always on the radar of whoever needs to find you. The business risks diminish and the returns grow.

Build lasting customer relations with flexible credit products, and intelligent automation

A business offering in-house financing adds one more selling point to their brand. Given a choice, the client will pick the store that lets them get instant safe credit inside the store rather than force them to go to a bank to get a loan. No one wants to wait for weeks to get approved for a loan in a traditional bank to buy their kid their first smartphone. Not to mention, things like this is what makes your business look more credible. It’s like the guarantees you may or may not offer. It says that you’ll be there. The deal works both ways. You are there for them, they are there for you. They pay you back and then they come back for more thanks to your simple experiences.

Customer builds their credit history with you while enjoying the benefits of your in-house financing program

This one may include slightly more effort, but if you report your in-house financing operation’s details to a credit bureau (which either way may be required by your local regulator), your clients also get to improve their credit history while getting the product they want, no matter how expensive or insignificant.

TurnKey Lender Retail platform provides your business with a bank-grade Decision Engine that is configured to your audience and local KYC rules. Proprietary machine learning networks and deep neural networks process loan applications instantly, providing you with a 360 view of the customer’s creditworthiness.

Businesses that benefit from in-house financing most

In-house financing for the automotive industry

Automotive industry at the moment is the biggest market practically applying in-house financing. As of 2018, 84% of all vehicles are being leased or financed and a lot of that is done in-house.

At TurnKey Lender we offer auto financing software to help this kind of businesses strive. The all-in-one platform we provide delivers speed and accuracy in processing of a new application, easy management of customer payments, refining their risk profiles, or mining customer data to identify marketing opportunities. This advanced car dealer financing software can be customized according to your decision rules and your risk tolerance parameters.

Learn about TurnKey Lender for Auto Dealers.

Medical and dental services and products financing

Medical businesses, which are often not covered by insurance, can benefit greatly from implementing an in-house financing option. For example, if you run a plastic surgeries clinic or offer dental services, your benefits are two-fold. On one hand, you tie the clients to yourself as they do tend to come back to you for maintenance or new procedures and you get to convert more clients who don’t necessarily have enough money to afford the service they need. And if you’re wondering, TurnKey Lender’s dental and medical financing software can easily make your business ready for offering in-house loans.

TurnKey Lender provides a dedicated Medical solution tailored to the needs of clinics and medical professionals who’d like to implement an in-house consumer finance platform:

TurnKey Lender Medical 

In-house consumer finance for any retail products

No matter what you sell, and no matter the country you operate in – if you’re selling products which are more expensive than the average receipt from the groceries, you should consider having a point-of-sale crediting option. This makes buying decision a lot easier and this is especially lucrative considering the type of clients retail deals with. There’s no problem with going to a store across the street if yours doesn’t offer to distribute payment for the new iPhone into several monthly payments. So whenever you’re ready to take your business to the next level, you can use our best-in-class retail lending software to get ahead of the competitors.

TurnKey Lender Retail is an industry-leading solution for end-to-end automation of lending including vendor relations and custom functionality for a streamlined crediting process for both the borrower and the lender.

TurnKey Lender Retail

Renovations and furniture installment plans

Just like people will always eat, they will also always need to buy furniture and renovate their houses and flats from time to time. And I don’t have to tell you that it costs a pretty penny to do any kind of substantial work in your living arrangement. The business that offers credit on-sight will be in a beneficial position to those who don’t, by default.

Industry-leading and innovative companies in the US and around the globe are already using TurnKey Lender automation to offer flexible and intuitive financing to their clients in-house. Bankers and retailers, auto dealers and medical professionals, renovators, FinTech startups, and many other businesses rely on TurnKey Lender technology for easy-to-use yet robust and intelligent automation. You can find businesses in your industry that already benefit from TurnKey Lender here.

Models you can use for your in-house financing program

The new socially distant economic and social reality has boosted the reemergence of a variety of consumer market hits which are made fully digital by TurnKey Lender, like leasing, rent-to-own, lease-to-own, e-Commerce, retail finance, merchant/vendor finance, etc. Learn more about our company here. And for all of those, you as a lender can offer credit products with different terms.

  • No charge – in this case, in-house financing becomes the ultimate selling advantage of your business and a marketing tool that helps you generate more customers rather than makes you money directly. But it does come at a cost since you’d need to cover the expenses on maintaining a platform out of your other profits.
  • Flat rate – you can also charge a flat monthly rate for issuing and servicing each loan up until the point of repayment. Alternatively, you can charge a one-time setup fee enough to cover your expenses and use in-house financing simply as a tool to drive more business to you.
  • Discount rate – another common choice is to offer a rate which is lower than that of a bank. This way you get the competitive advantage of serving the client quickly in-house and at the same time make money to cover your expenses (and possibly more, depending on the size of your operation). So if a bank usually charges 5% for a loan on your kind of products, you can charge 3% or even 4.5% and still come out on top.

Forbes Council: Options For Retailers Considering Point-of-Sale Financing To Win and Keep Customers

How to offer in-house financing in your business?

The industry for retailers is not very regulated, we have to support sales tax, customer agreement (called loan agreement in our system, but sometimes they are not loans), notifications, etc. regular stuff, nothing special

We offer intelligent end-to-end automation that allows any business to sell their products or services in installments with flexible credit product settings and AI-driven credit decisioning which ensures unmatched loan portfolio quality. TurnKey Lender is a technology company. We’re the backbone technology for customers that want to provide PoS loans to make monthly payments, etc.

Since millennials don’t really like credit cards and traditional lending that much, this generation more than their parents is likely to turn to point-of-sale financing. And you, as a business owner have a couple of options to provide them with this freedom of choice.

  • If your business is really small and you can manage the borrowers manually, you can provide credit the old way and just hope that the people will bring or send you the installments every month or every week. But that’s not only unscalable but also highly unreliable.
  • You can also partner with a Point-of-Sale credit provider and integrate with their platform. This way you often get access to their funding to back you and minimize if not eliminate your risks of non-return. But you also miss out on a lot of opportunities.
  • Or you can cover in-house financing yourself and get a ready-made all-in-one lending automation platform to run your own point-of-sale operation. This way you get more responsibility and stay in control. But it also includes a bit more work in terms of servicing and collecting if your borrowers aren’t particularly punctual with their payments. Either way, this is the biggest fish to fry right now and if you get the right lending automation platform, there won’t be that much hassle. You can reach out for a free trial of TurnKey Lender to see just how easy it will be, no strings attached.

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Final thoughts

After all, why do we even need lending? To get the goods and services we need on the best conditions possible. As technology moves forward, it becomes more and more clear that in-house financing is going to play a huge role in the future of lending. Mostly because it’s a win-win situation where both the lender and the borrower get exactly what they need and there are no middlemen involved whatsoever. The technology is already there and you can rely on it to get ahead of the competition with very little effort. So right now is the best time to launch the in-house financing program for your business.

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