Decision Management System (DMS)

Deploy automated credit decisioning strategies tailored to your specific business logic.

TurnKey Lender’s Decision Engine offers unmatched borrower evaluation accuracy, adjustment flexibility, seamless integrations, and business processes tailored to any operation’s needs.

The DMS uses comprehensive credit decision flows based on TurnKey Lender’s proprietary AI-powered decisioning algorithms and alternative scoring data. This allows the business owner to streamline and fully automate their credit processing and achieve almost instant lending decisions, no matter the credit product.

Problems Lenders Face with Collecting Credit Decisioning Data

Borrower does not have a sufficient credit history, FICO scores, or lacks formal credit bureau data altogether.

Lends to a niche market and needs to take specific external data into account.

Substantial sets of borrower data aren’t being used for alternative data scoring (e.g. bank account statements, e-commerce transactions, flight bookings, bill payments, etc).

KYC & AML compliance is too complex and time-consuming (ID verification, bank verification, address, employment, income, collateral valuation, lien search, etc).

TurnKey Lender

  1. Use the decision rules that come built-in with TurnKey Lender Decision Engine to reduce costly third-party reports. Only pull the data you’re going to use.
  2. TurnKey Lender Decision Engine becomes the Single Source of Truth for your business enabling intelligent credit processing.
  3. With 75+ integrations preconfigured, you can easily use any external or internal data sources in credit processing:
    • Background Checks
    • Credit Bureaus / Alternative Credit Data Repositories
    • Third-Party Scoring Models
    • In-House or Third-Party Software/Bookkeeping Systems
    • E-commerce Engines
    • Transaction Data (bank statements, e-commerce history, etc).
  4. Back-end users don’t have to re-key customer data into the system - data from different workplaces and sources syncs up automatically.

Digital Credit Decisioning

Problems Lenders Face When Digitizing Credit Decisioning

  1. Your decision process is too niche for mainstream solutions (unique qualifiers/regulations, non-traditional scoring, etc.)
  2. Lenders have several types of credit products that have completely different workflows/teams/etc.
  3. Regulators do not allow “black-box” credit policies
  4. Regular changes in Operations/Data teams
  5. Uncompetitive turnaround time due to manual processes
  6. The need to comply with different state-by-state or country regulations

The Solution TurnKey Lender Brings

  1. Rely on the adaptability and ease of use of the TurnKey Lender DMS. The intuitive interface is easy to configure, test, and deploy new decision strategies and UX logic within hours, not months.
  2. The system comes with configurable credit scoring, advanced credit policies, business rule sets, and relevant data sources that allow for simple regulatory compliance.
  3. Configurable loan statuses to mirror your process
  4. TurnKey Lender combines traditional and alternative risk assessment approaches to increase the accuracy of credit decisions with A/B testing and the Champion/Challenger model.
  5. Utilize a holistic and intuitive view of a borrower’s profile
  6. Scorecard consulting specific to your country and industry
  7. Expert business analysts on call for your professional needs.

What You Get with the TurnKey Lender Decision Engine

Proprietary machine learning algorithms with deep neural networks to assess risks and evaluate borrowers.

Sophisticated scoring models with multiple scorecards and credit decisioning rules to choose from. Either use the models and rules as-is or fully reconfigure them with your own business rules, verifications and checks, calculations, and logical conditions.

Support of different loan types with varying logic and evaluation criteria.

Simple integration with your existing core software system or the TurnKey Lender Unified Lending Management solution.

Decision Engine can operate as a part of the TurnKey Lender Unified Lending Management solution.

Intuitive API Client management for integrations with any third-party data sources and solutions.

To adjust to dynamic business environments, meet business goals, have rapid time to market, and make faster operational decisions with less risk, companies need a single decision management system for the entire decisioning lifecycle.

Get in touch today with the TurnKey Lender team to learn more about our decision engine capabilities.

The TurnKey Lender
Unique Value

  1. TurnKey Lender DMS processes 460+ loan applications a second without any losses in decisions’ quality.
  2. Rapidly test and deploy scoring models and comprehensive decision strategies with less friction and deployment delays.
  3. Solutions tested and proven in 50+ markets on 250+ credit products and using 2500+ decision rules. These products have earned recognition in all types of lending businesses and continue to work without interruptions even in crisis situations.
  4. Use the built-in AI-driven decision rules and scoring models to reduce third-party reports costs to a bare minimum.
  5. Numerous relevant software solutions and services are pre-configured for easy integration with TurnKey Lender at any point in the lending business’s life.
  6. Build a flexible solution that is not hardcoded allowing for future changes to be implemented swiftly and with ease for maximum time savings.
  7. Bring risk, business, and operations teams to one system with tailored experiences for each role.
  8. Avoid delays on credit decisioning, meet business objectives and make smarter decisions on each loan applicant.
  9. Credit product settings flexibility that allows your team to do days’ worth of work in a matter of minutes.

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We looked at other lending solutions. But TurnKey Lender was just more accessible and...well, ‘turn key.’ Now we're on a level playing field with the bigger guys without the overhead. This, and intelligent credit scoring, helps us provide our borrowers with affordable loans while working at a profit.
Simon Lindsay Simon Lindsay
Co-Founder, Managing Director at Cash Direct

The world is changing too fast to rely on outdated decisioning processes. The TurnKey Lender Decision Engine uses the most advanced AI on the market to automate and streamline the credit decisioning process while cutting operational costs and risks.

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