How traditional finance providers can capitalize on the embedded lending revolution

A large portion of credit has moved to the point of sale forcing traditional and alternative lenders to embrace innovation and adapt to maintain and grow their borrower base. Nonetheless, most financial institutions still can’t meaningfully automate their manual loan origination, loan management, and debt collection processes.    For established lenders, reimagining the operations of your […]

10-point checklist for choosing your new loan origination software  in 2024

10 questions to ask your LOS vendor - large

Companies spend months negotiating with LOS vendors to choose the infrastructure for their lending operations. But same as when picking a car, if you know what to look for, weeding out vendors who’ll turn out incompatible is immensely easier.   Initial SaaS filtering criteria  There are many loan origination systems. And most of them don’t meet […]

7 Artificial Intelligence Applications in Digital Lending


Many of the AI applications are still in the R&D phase, but many are already here and helping real businesses save money and streamline processes.  But before we start looking at the specifics, let’s straighten up our vocabulary. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quite a vague term. Feels like lately it’s used for marketing reasons far […]

10 Vital KPIs for Measuring the Value of Your Digital-Banking Operations in 2024


There’s no denying that Covid did to digitalization what no technology evangelist could. For several years prior to 2020, digital banking usage at PNC had increased at the steady rate of about a percentage point every quarter — until it went ballistic during the lockdown. It jumped from the beginning of the year where digital […]

7 Artificial Intelligence Applications in Digital Lending

img_Turnkey-Lender_News_Launching a B2B lending business is 3 to 5 times easier with TurnKey Commercial

Digitalization leaves no industry untouched. In the last decades, lenders, traditional and alternative, have been on the lookout for new technologies to take them ahead of the competition. Software that would make credit decisioning and loan management safer, faster, and cheaper. Naturally, AI has been a focus for most.  

A Loan Management System Without Origination and Underwriting Doesn’t Cut It 


For many organizations on the precipice of digital transformation, the thorniest parts of in-house lending are the steps known as “origination” and “underwriting.” Some may be tempted to add “loan management” — also called “loan servicing” and “loan collections” — to this shortlist, but insiders know the loan-management piece is pretty straightforward. Sure, handling schedules, […]

What TurnKey Lender platform has in store for the UK and Ireland 

img_Turnkey-lender_TurnKey Lender platform enters the UK and Ireland to introduce new lending automation standards

TurnKey Lender is one of the pioneers and industry leaders of digital lending automation globally. Over 50 million borrowers around the world work with traditional, alternative, and embedded creditors who use TurnKey Lender Platform to digitize all parts of their operations.  In 2022, this leading lending solution is expanding into the UK and Ireland and […]

How to Start Offering Consumer Financing Online in 2024


As a business owner, you want to convert and retain as many clients as possible. And some of them won’t be able to purchase your product in one payment. To build meaningful relations with the client and keep the economy working, consumer financing options are now more critical (and intuitive) than ever.  In the increasingly […]

Fintech pacesetter TurnKey Lender out to make smaller banks more competitive

img_turnkley-lender_Fintech pacesetter TurnKey Lender out to make smaller banks more competitive -1920-1

TurnKey Lender is best known for its digital lending automation platform, an offering that equips organizations around the world to expend credit in traditional and alternative lending, in retail, B2B, and — well, really any business setting imaginable. But the financial-technology and banking-as-a-service (BaaS) pioneer also provides core banking systems to banks and credit unions, […]

A Look Under the Hood at TurnKey Lender’s Game-Changing Artificial Intelligence 

img_turnkley-lender_A look under the hood at TurnKey Lender’s game-changing artificial intelligence -1920-2

In the realm of digital lending, artificial intelligence isn’t just an add-on, or something that’s conceptually nice to have but not really required.   On the contrary, a high level of intelligent automation is an absolute must for digital finance, which empowers organizations of all sizes and kinds to make smart, risk-adjusted lending decisions without help […]


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