Peer to Peer Lending Platforms

Global P2P originations will grow from $24B to $290B by 2020.

P2P lending has become dominated by marketplace lenders in just a few short years. Remember when peer-to-peer loans were considered the wild west of online lending? And they were poised to replace big banks with individual investors? Today the majority of P2P loans are underwritten by hedge funds, insurance companies and big banks. There’s still plenty of opportunity for pure play peer-to-peer lenders. In fact, this financial category attracted more than $2.4 billion in venture funding in the first 3 quarters of 2015.


Multiple layers of complexity

You’re a lender and a loan intermediary. This intermediary aspect of the business requires specialized peer-to-peer (or P2P) lending software in order to optimize your highly complex operation. P2P lenders start with all the origination and servicing requirements of a typical online lender. Then they layer on additional processes for monitoring large numbers of small borrower payments, tracking earned income back to individual investors, and then processing digital disbursements. All with the highest level of speed, accuracy and cyber security.

Solution – P2P Lending Software

Simplify complex requirements with technology-enabled lending.

Technology will be the driving force behind the next generation of successful players in the person-to-person lending space. Turnkey Lender brings small to mid-size players an award winning peer-to-peer loan origination and servicing software that’s fully managed for you. Our platform provides superior automation and risk assessment for fast loan application approvals and borrower/investor matching. And it provides outstanding loan servicing features for tracking borrower payments and investor disbursements. All with the highest level of accuracy and data security. There’s a lot of competition as new peer-to-peer lenders enter the arena on a frequent basis. Many are actually big banks acting behind the scenes, trying to take advantage of the fact that peer2peer loans have become so mainstream. However the speed, accuracy and efficiency of Turnkey Lender technology-enabled lending means your operation will outperform marketplace lenders who view the online space as just another distribution channel for their deep pockets and legacy systems. Start online lending now with easy, accurate and affordable Peer-to-Peer lending software that includes origination, scoring, servicing, collection and portfolio management. Get your Free Trial today.
Turnkey Lender helped us with increasing efficiency of our scoring model in Jan-Feb 2016. They provided the highest level of consulting and technical support services. Jonathan Sarmina, Ceo Moneyveo, Mexico

P2P Lending Software – Key Business Benefits

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8 Key Factors When Choosing Lending Software

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