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With the rise of embedded finance and the ever-increasing need for the digital transformation of traditional and alternative lenders, the demand for intelligent end-to-end lending software is booming.



TurnKey Lender’s partnership program allows your business to tap into the global lending market with different collaboration options for innovative technology products and services providers.

Join the TurnKey Lender Partner Program to grow your business, offer more services to your clients, and increase the adoption of the most sophisticated and powerful lending automation software on the market.

This partnership model is for those companies that already sell and support FinTech, IT infrastructure, banking or compliance products and services. If your company already has an existing customer base that needs lending automation, TurnKey Lender has an award-winning software praised by businesses, institutions, and experts in 50+ countries and we are ready to partner together.

TurnKey Lender looks for Partners who lead their space and do outstanding things just like we do. As referral partners, we’ll work to drive our mutual growth. Our teams will collaborate to raise awareness and unlock access to new audiences. Together we’ll help our account executives, so that clients see us as an alliance, instead of vendors.

If you’re a technology provider which has the potential to benefit the customers of TurnKey Lender, let’s discuss how we can integrate our solutions to streamline processes, automate new workflows, and provide a better customer experience to our clients.

TurnKey Lender builds out a network of innovative implementation partners and consulting providers who can master the company’s solutions on the level of our product team and assist their clients in customization and implementation of our unified lending management software.

Utilize your software expertise and technical resources to implement and integrate TurnKey Lender solutions. Establish a presence in the rapidly growing lending technology market with TurnKey Lender technology. Deliver a seamless, integrated experience for your customers with robust API capabilities and out-of-the-box integrations.

Can our companies work together to improve positioning and communicate our offerings to the target audience better? Get access to TurnKey Lender marketing materials and launch dedicated marketing campaigns with our team to extend the reach of your technology related to digital lending automation.



Commercial Rewards

Get rewards when you help TurnKey Lender grow. Partners can bring ad-hoc deals or build an ongoing collaboration that adds more value to their customers.

Marketing Collaboration

Launch and run coordinated marketing campaigns with the TurnKey Lender team to reach wider audiences and better communicate your offering to the joint audiences of our companies.

Exclusive Content Access

We’ll equip you with the materials and insights usually only available to our customers to help you better communicate TurnKey Lender’s unique value proposition.

Community Access

Get help solving unique problems and making correct decisions with access to our team, community, and partner network.




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Nothing speaks better to the borrower’s credibility than the structure of their income, their daily expenses, and their consumer behavior. New economic and health challenges are now dictating new rules for processing and approving loans. What we are finding is that traditional borrower evaluation approaches are no longer sufficient. Lenders need to innovate and implement new scoring models to gain a better insight into the borrower’s personality and how likely they are to pay back the loan.

Bank statements can be a perfect basis for accurate credit scoring. TurnKey Lender clients who have implemented this scoring approach, make more than 80% of their credit decisions based on this data. This approach has significantly cut costs that clients used to spend on bank statements as well as increasing the overall productivity, speed, and accuracy of the loan origination process.

In order to streamline this process, TurnKey Lender has a partnership with Plaid that tracks compliance with the program through ongoing bank account analysis. The company uses APIs that connect consumers, financial institutions, and developers. TurnKey Lender easily integrates with the solution and formats the Plaid bank statement data on the fly to present it in your TurnKey Lender portal in a user-friendly manner.

Boost Credit Decisioning Accuracy with Bank Statement Scoring



Repay Holdings Corporation, a leading provider of vertically-integrated payment solutions, partnered with TurnKey Lender to better serve the lending marketplace in the United States and Canada.

“We believe our partnership with TurnKey Lender will create major efficiencies in loan servicing, payment collection, and reconciliation processes,” said Susan Perlmutter, Chief Revenue Officer of REPAY. “The integration between the two systems will create a seamless and convenient payment experience for our clients and their borrowers. We’ve assessed that Canadian lenders are largely underserved when it comes to payment options, so we’re excited about the opportunity this presents in filling a void and further empowering the Canadian lending marketplace with this powerful combination.”

“The partnership will streamline the onboarding process for new companies on both TurnKey Lender and REPAY systems by accelerating legal verification and technical connection procedures for new customers who want to use online payment processing,” said Elena Ionenko, Chief Business Development Officer of TurnKey Lender. “Customers can elevate their business operations with lending and payments services at the same time to see substantial growth with their financial transactions, an important win in today’s digital first environment.”

REPAY Announces Partnership with TurnKey Lender


TurnKey Lender has an established partnership with Armaxon focused on the company’s core expertise – process intelligence and task mining. The company works globally to implement unique projects in business process optimisation, data engineering, advanced analytics and Salesforce consultancy.

Armaxon delivers solutions using the major Process Mining platforms, including Celonis, Minit, SoftwareAG ARIS, iGrafx, UiPath, Automation Anywhere and several others. The company allows to choose a model that best suits their clients: full implementations, competency development and training, or Process Mining as a Service (ProMaaS).



“A best practice in lending is to use a ‘virtual world’ or sandbox exercise to create a deep understanding of the key lending drivers, from which a clear strategy emerges,” advises Michelle Katics, BankersLab CEO. “We’ve seen strong results around the world from simulation intervention with lending teams – whether they are seasoned or new-to-lending teams. By partnering with TurnKey Lender, we provide a unified offering that bridges strategy to deployment.

Elena Ionenko, TurnKey Lender Co-Founder & COO, explains “For many lenders implementing a new digital lending solution is a challenging project because they need to change their existing manual processes to take advantage of the automation technology or they need to design the whole process from scratch. For many, it can be a difficult and overwhelming exercise. Through this new partnership with BankersLab we can help our customers visualize and test in a simulated environment the new solution, new approaches to credit risk assessment and underwriting, and much more”.

TurnKey Lender and BankersLab® Announce Partnership to Move Forward the Digital Transformation of the Lending Industry



“We are looking forward to partnering with Alkami to bring the power of our lending platform to the banking landscape through Alkami’s more than 10 million users to significantly move forward the intelligent automation of the lending industry,” said Elena Ionenko, TurnKey Lender Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer. TurnKey Lender’s Unified Lending Platform is an intelligent lending management system that automates the entire loan life cycle. This digital platform includes application processing, risk assessment, decisioning, loan origination, underwriting, servicing, collection, reporting, archiving, compliance, and more. It also helps instantly pre-qualify applicants using an AI-driven credit decisioning engine. This in turn allows for a better experience for both the borrower and lender at a time when a seamless lending process is crucial.

Alkami’s Founder and Chief Strategy & Sales Officer Stephen Bohanon said, “We’re excited to offer the TurnKey Lender Unified Lending Solution to our remarkable banking and credit union clients. TurnKey Lender’s award-winning AI-based loan origination and management software is the perfect complement to the Alkami Platform in facilitating retail and business user onboarding, engagement, and account servicing. With TurnKey Lender, we continue to provide the right technology and architecture for digital success.”

TurnKey Lender and Alkami Announce Partnership to Provide Banks and Credit Unions with Cloud-Based Digital Banking and an Integrated Unified Lending Management Solution



“We’re excited that the Microsoft Azure team has added TurnKey Lender to the Partners Program. I’m sure our intelligent solutions and expert services will be a powerful asset to our colleagues on Azure Marketplace,” commented Dmitry Voronenko, CEO, and Co-Founder of TurnKey Lender, on the new opportunity. Voronenko continued, “Although banks are now offering many services online, only one percent are capable of extending a loan digitally. This is where we need to make a shift for the consumer in today’s economic reality and, through tapping into the Microsoft Partner Network, the market can evolve quicker.”

The end-to-end digital banking platform by TurnKey Lender puts bank-grade automation on the cloud and modernizes lending with machine learning algorithms, flexible settings, and intuitive interfaces of an intelligent SaaS. TurnKey Lender ULM automates every step of the lending process and uses AI to help lenders put their crediting process on cruise control.

Sajan Parihar, Senior Director, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp said, “We’re pleased to welcome TurnKey Lender to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, which gives our partners great exposure to cloud customers around the globe. Azure Marketplace offers world-class quality experiences from global trusted partners with solutions tested to work seamlessly with Azure.”

TurnKey Lender Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace



Increasing lenders’ efficiency and improving accuracy in credit decisioning is a vital aspect of the partnership. The improved automation with predictive analytics and leveraged access to additional data sources via APIs will result in better yields and a stronger revenue stream for lenders specializing in consumer lending, microfinance, auto loans, mortgages, SME loans, in-house financing, P2P, mobile lending, and other types of lending operations.

“With the rapid growth of microlending and continuous global efforts in financial inclusion, lenders are relying on FinTech to provide safe and solid infrastructure for lending businesses of all sizes flexible enough to be ready to scale up and reassess at a moment’s notice seamlessly. The partnership between TurnKey Lender and Hewlett Packard Enterprise is created to achieve that goal,” says Dmitry Voronenko, CEO of TurnKey Lender, commenting on the deal.

TurnKey Lender and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Join Forces to Create an Improve Lending Solutions



The ultimate goal of the partnership is to upgrade companies’ respective products and services and simplify KYC and AML screening for regulatory compliance. As the teams cooperate to develop global cross-promotional marketing and sales campaigns, both companies expect to see significant benefits for their clients. The ultimate goal of the partnership is to upgrade companies’ respective products and services and simplify KYC and AML screening for regulatory compliance.

“Refinitiv is delighted to partner with TurnKey Lender. Leveraged on our best-in-class solutions, this partnership will help to accelerate the client onboarding process, enhance the client experience and thereby make TurnKey Lender a more trustworthy player in the highly competitive lending arena. At the same time, as a leading data provider, we are excited to provide value-added service to our global customers,” said Shivkumar Muthukrishnan, Director of Global Partnerships, at Refinitiv.

TurnKey Lender Signs Partnership Agreement with Refinitiv



Verofax in partnership with TurnKey Lender, has won the Innovation Challenge Award, held by Bahrain Islamic Bank. Bahrain Islamic Bank is a leader in the Islamic banking sector through adopting innovative Islamic investment and financing products, supported by superior retail and corporate banking services.

The Innovation Challenge was run as part of the Bank’s partnership with the CBB Digital Lab “FinHub 973”. Verofax proposed a unique approach and emerged as the Fintech winner with the potential to build the solution sought by the Bank.

Verofax used TurnKey Lender ULM as the competing technology and assistance from the TurnKey Lender team as part of the partnership between the companies.

Verofax, a globally recognized and enterprise-ready fintech, was selected after rigorous screening to ensure a solution with the requisite level of innovation, usability and security to maintain the confidentiality and security of customers’ financial data.

The judges were looking for innovative and tested solutions to enable better decision making through the automation of data extraction and analysis. The tools had to use innovative AI and machine learning to extract valuable information that offers efficiency, maximizes accuracy, and gives a clear vision while providing thorough reports and predictions.

Verofax Wins Bahrain Islamic Bank Innovation Challenge Using Unified Lending Management Solution by TurnKey Lender



Recognizing the role of IMDA in building trust with the global Infocomm community and the influence Accreditation@SGD has on creating a positive image of reliability with the enterprise-level clients, TurnKey Lender strived to meet all the criteria of the program. Being accredited serves to show that the TurnKey Lender team is competent and fully devoted to improving the businesses of its clients, be it commercial or government organizations.

“Being accredited by IMDA is a big step in helping TurnKey Lender build trust and establish itself as a reliable partner for government and large enterprise clients,” says Dmitry Voronenko, the CEO and co-founder of TurnKey Lender. “We will keep on working with every bit of dedication we have to achieve fair lending globally. And in the meantime, it’s really good to know that Singapore’s IMDA recognizes the quality of TurnKey Lender’s products and the expertise of our team!”

TurnKey Lender Got Accredited by IMDA Singapore



Boss Insights has partnered with TurnKey Lender to refer relevant clients looking for best-in-class ready-made lending automation software. The company’s leadership often participates in events and activities held by TurnKey Lender.

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