Loan Origination with
Credit Decisioning
Powered by AI

Loan Origination by TurnKey Lender helps your business provide borrowers with unparalleled customer experience in a highly configurable yet scalable platform.

Streamline your digital lending processes with

A robust back-office for your employees

Adjustable online application flow

Instant credit decisioning

An intuitive well-designed fully digital borrower portal

Advanced analytics and management capabilities for the business owner

Meaningful AI in Credit Decisioning

The System comes with a proprietary AI-driven Decision Engine built-in. TurnKey Lender applies machine learning and deep neural networks to automate credit scoring based on traditional and alternative risk assessment data. This approach helps TurnKey Lender grant unmatched credit decisioning accuracy in just 30 seconds.

The back-office your employees are going to use is designed spefically for digital paperless lending and requires little to no human involvement on the loan origination stage. The TurnKey Lender solution is configured by our team to meet every specific requirement of your business. This means you get exactly the functionality you need, with the fastest time-to-market available for the highest quality solution with the most advanced technology on the market.

Choose the features you want in your lending automation solution:


Digital Onboarding


AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) Compliance Checks


Loan Application Processing


Credit Scoring and Automatic Decisioning

Customer Onboarding Automation

Lending Challenges Consuming Your Time

  1. No fully digital application capabilities leads to customers using documents and email outside your borrower portal or in-branch applications
  2. Application form is too complicated and rigid so you lose borrowers to your competition
  3. Documents must be submitted via email or as hard copies by customers
  4. Your team can’t automatically accept and process leads from lead-gen services

Solutions with TurnKey Lender

A highly configurable fully digital onboarding workflow with:

  1. A System that is built to support any borrower (SME, individual, etc.) or credit product type
  2. Dynamic forms which allow you to offer the most streamlined application process available
  3. An open API that enables you to integrate with third-party solutions or embed TurnKey Lender into your core lending software
  4. A lead gen management module for automatic upsell and cross-sell campaigns
  5. Manage and monitor lead gen platforms from within your lending platform
  6. The ability to A/B test different workflows with proprietary TurnKey Lender Tools and meaningful Google Analytics integration

Streamlined AML and KYC Compliance

Regulatory Compliance Challenges Putting You at Risk

ID verification performed manually (visual inspection, manual Credit Bureau checks)

Employees have to use multiple systems to do background checks on potential borrowers (Credit Bureau checks, pay verification, bank statements, etc)

Documents are imported as unstructured files and must be reviewed manually

Inability to adequately protect yourself from common and new types of cyber crime

Solution we offer

TurnKey Lender provides you with limitless access to the data sources of your choice. But not only access to them, but automatic analysis of the relevant data for credit decisioning. According to a performance test by Hewlett Packard TurnKey Lender is a flexible configuration choice on a highly scalable and reliable infrastructure.

  1. Traditional Credit Bureau checks automation
  2. Fully automatic ID verification
  3. Automatic bank account verification and bank statement scoring
  4. 200+ built-in fraud detection rules (copy paste, application change, Tor/Proxy, location variance, etc.)
  5. Intuitive blacklists and watchlists management from the System Bank-office

Automatic Loan Application Processing and Credit Decisioning

Dealing with Outdated Processing and Decisioning

  1. Borrower and loan application data is kept in Excel
  2. Apps get passed back and forth between employees via email and important data points get lost
  3. Making a credit decision may take days or even weeks
  4. Non-standard processes
  5. Workflow is a little too unique for a standard LOS

Solution we offer

Processing and decisioning configured to your exact specifications

  1. Application to the right person at the right step in the process and presented in the most relevant way for their role
  2. Custom adjustable scorecard and decision rules
  3. A configurable back-office interface for staff and borrowers
  4. Business rules that you can apply to any step of the origination process
  5. Configurable auditing and employee tracking
  6. Simple queue management
  7. Customizable loan statuses
  8. Document generation and e-signature

TurnKey Lender’s Loan Origination Solution Collects and Evaluates All Leads in One Place

TurnKey Lender offers unmatched flexibility, scalability and usability when it comes to lending automation. The Loan Origination System can be customized to meet the exact needs of both traditional and alternative lenders offering both personal and corporate credit products. The System you get is:

  1. Perfectly fit to your technical specifications
  2. Processes 100+ applications at the same time without hampering the performance or quality of the decisions
  3. Provides uninterrupted uptime and unmatched speed of operations
  4. Can be cloud hosted by TurnKey Lender or deployed on your local server
  5. Meticulous information cyber security repercussions
  6. Proprietary award-winning Decision Engine is a part of the Loan Origination System. Machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks processing borrowers and loan application data
  7. And much more! Reach out to our team to learn about the functionality that will solve your automation challenges.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Fastest time to market (Frost & Sullivan December 2019 Report)

Flexible pricing model

Scalable functionality

24/7 tech support from lending digitalization experts

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What Business
Owners Say

Our users like the platform we got from TurnKey Lender much better than what we use to do. And regulatory compliance got much simpler. Thanks to TurnKey Lender’s screening and reporting functionality, we weed out the vast majority of the dangerous borrowers. Then the system-generated reports can be used for regulators. Our new TurnKey Lender platform has exceeded expectations, and the overall user experience has improved.
Seyi Olufemi
CEO at EasyLoan

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