Turnkey Lender® – Better Business Outcomes for Your Lending Operation

This cloud-based loan management system and software automates every step in the origination and account servicing process. You gain speed and agility, while controlling risk with business-driven, adjustable risk parameters.

single stack solution houses loan software and loan system in one convenient platform. Origination, credit decisions and servicing go on auto-pilot.
set of proprietary credit scoring models and rules are pre-programmed in the lending software. Enables risk-based pricing. Improves credit decisions. Minimizes portfolio risk profile. Reduces write-offs.
Fully automated
Fully automated
lending management system saves time & money. Close more high profit loans with less manual processing. Loan management software optimizes approval rate, increases capacity and improves efficiency.
  • Key question icon Are you struggling with cumbersome, outdated online loan software when you should be leveraging a fully automated loan management system for origination, credit scoring, and account processing?
  • Key question icon Are you launching a small to mid-size online lending operation with lean, start-up resources?
  • Key question icon Would your business benefit from a specialized online lending software that encompasses all the best practices proven effective by high volume lenders – but designed for a small to mid-size operation?

Turnkey Lender brings you the most technologically advanced loan origination and account servicing software platform available today. Plus it includes all the benefits of an adjustable set of proprietary credit risk scorecards and rules.

This is the same enterprise-grade online loan software that’s used by the leading industry players, because our software engineers came to us with deep expertise in big bank financing. They adapted older approaches to meet the unique needs of a leaner lending group, and added special features and functionality based on industry best practices for underwriting and loan management. So now you can access the most innovative lending technology and risk mitigation techniques without the million dollar investment.

Turnkey Lender improves your profitability in three ways:

  • First, the loan origination and account processing software automates your system. You’ll increase employee productivity. And close more of the right kinds of loans faster, keeping you competitive with online and retail lenders who pre-qualify new applications within minutes.
  • Second, the loan origination system uses advanced credit scoring to reduce risk and improve portfolio yields.
  • Third, the account processing system brings you monthly opportunities for targeted, relevant push communications based on customer behaviors and ongoing credit bureau updates. These monthly messages up-sell and cross sell additional products, which maximize the lifetime value of your client relationships.

We support a wide variety of loan products and lending categories, including: microfinance, cloud lending, peer-to-peer lending, payday loans, credit unions and lending cooperatives, equipment leasing, telecom lending, alternative lending, retail lending, POS financing, direct lending, SME lending, auto lending, mortgage lending, and medical financing. So you’re covered regardless of the size of your lending operation, the types of loan products you offer, or the specific software functionality you require.

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Are you ready to reap the rewards of an enterprise-grade online lending software platform? One with all the functionality reserved for big financial institutions, but specially designed for a small to mid-size lender?