Benefits of Buy Now Pay Later services for consumers and businesses


It may feel like BNPL has been around forever, but Buy Now Pay Later services only gained major traction in the 2020s, revolutionizing the way consumers make large purchases and providing new opportunities for businesses.  Let’s explore the concept of Buy Now Pay Later and go over its benefits for both consumers and businesses. From […]

TurnKey Lender Standard Platform Capabilities (With a Bonus White Paper) 

img_Turnkey-Lender_Just Some of the Things TurnKey Lender Standard Platform is Capable of -1920

The mission behind TurnKey Lender is the global democratization of credit, for both borrowers and lenders alike. And in the effort to make e-lending as easy as modern online commerce, TurnKey Lender created the award-winning Standard Edition of its software. The TurnKey Lender Standard Platform makes lending automation plug-and-play, or as we prefer it – […]

10-point checklist for choosing your new loan origination software  in 2024

10 questions to ask your LOS vendor - large

Companies spend months negotiating with LOS vendors to choose the infrastructure for their lending operations. But same as when picking a car, if you know what to look for, weeding out vendors who’ll turn out incompatible is immensely easier.   Initial SaaS filtering criteria  There are many loan origination systems. And most of them don’t meet […]

Steps of the Commercial and Consumer Lending Process You Can and Should Automate in 2024


The digital lending entry barrier got lower than ever with the rise of intelligent, functional, and user-friendly FinTechs. Now anyone can launch an end-to-end lending automation platform to compete with large-scale financial institutions on a level playing field. And this doesn’t only apply to alternative lenders, pretty much any SME, retailer, e-commerce or manufacturer can […]

In-Depth Guide to Digital Transformation of a Bank

Even before the COVID-crisis and the overwhelming social distancing trend, traditional banks were forced to play catchup with nimble alternative and in-house lenders who offer a fully digital crediting process. Now, relying on clumsy legacy solutions and paper-based workflows is simply not sustainable. Large-scale lenders need to either embrace the digitalization of credit or they […]

How Much It Costs to Automate a Lending Business 2024

img_Turnkey-Lender_News_TurnKey Lender scales creditor's processes and speeds up loan approvals - BadCredit feature

To get into the real lending game thirty years ago, one needed immense resources. And not just cash in store for funding the consumer or business borrowers, but also money for opening and maintaining offices and branches, originators, servicing managers, underwriters, collectors, analysts, etc. Even ten years ago, when FinTech craze was conquering the business […]

White paper: How to automate every part of your commercial lending process  


The World Bank has done the math – the international B2B lending market has an unmet demand of approximately $5.2 trillion a year. With $1.4trillion more in the US alone.   But despite this enormous opportunity, commercial credit is still viewed by many would-be B2B lenders as something too complex for them to efficiently automate. […]


Flexible loan application flow

Automated payments and loan servicing

Efficient strategies for all collection phases

AI-based consumer and commercial credit scoring

Use third-party data and tools you love.

Consumer lending automation done right

Build a B2B lending process that works for you

Offer payment options to clients in-house

Lending automation software banks can rely on


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