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  1. 150+ clients
  2. Clients in 50+ countries
  3. 98.5% customer satisfaction rate
  4. 839 million alternative scoring data points
  5. 6 offices across 3 key regions: North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia
  6. 1 global team that works for your business 24/7/365
  7. Over 20% of our clients use TurnKey Lender for non-profit work and other socially responsible programs
  8. 100+ trees a month saved by automation

Intro to
TurnKey Lender

It all began in 2014 with a vision to evangelize a fundamentally new e-lending approach – Unified Lending Management. One where companies of all sizes can offer financing to their clients as quick as a snap with technology that is as easy to use as turning a key, as intelligent and automated as a self-driving car, and as responsive and reliable as an ATM. And a business model that would challenge the classic lending-business approach, shifting the focus to embedded lending and delivering financing at any point in a business ecosystem when, where and how customers need it.

Over the years, TurnKey Lender has become the leading advocate for embedded lending, providing the only SaaS platform that automates not only all digital lending operations but also all digital lending decisions at every stage of the loan life cycle in real-time for any business.

Derived from our unstoppable product innovation and relentless commitment to customer success, TurnKey Lender is proud to be constantly delivering on its commitment to make digital-lending processes truly turn-key to clients — in a climate where this is more important than ever.

By serving relentlessly to each customer’s needs, TurnKey Lender has fostered a loyal customer community — each, in their own way, driving forward the embedded lending industry, and attracted major buzz from some of the best-known press, including Bloomberg, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, the Nelson Report, Financier Worldwide, and G2. TurnKey Lender has also won many prestigious awards in the lending and crediting industry including recognition in 2019 from Frost & Sullivan for the New Product Innovation Award.

Today, TurnKey Lender employs more than 100+ passionate specialists committed to powering lending efficiency for our clients, and growing embedded-lending opportunities. Through our technology, there are opportunities for businesses of all sizes to grow revenue through unified and intelligent financing, increase operational efficiency and strengthen customer loyalty. TurnKey Lender is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore, and satellite offices in the UK, Ukraine, Malaysia and the Philippines.

In the 2020 crisis, TurnKey Lender is proving its leadership in embedded financing technology, allowing business owners worldwide to weave autonomous crediting capabilities into their operations. Digital loan origination, alternative credit scoring, AI-based underwriting, loan servicing, debt collection, reporting, compliance; all that and more is now covered in a unified all-in-one solution.

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TurnKey Lender engineers are the brilliant minds around the globe that create the most intelligent, secure, and user-friendly lending automation based on meticulously written business requirements and specifications. This is a battle-tested crew of smart technicians who dig till they find the solution to your exact challenge and implement it successfully.

In the world of digital lending software, you can’t ask for a better team than our 100+ engineers around the globe.

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