Lender’s Cyber Safety in a World of Cyber Criminals


Data protection is one of the top concerns in the banking industry, especially for lenders who rely on digital platforms to originate accounts and manage payments processing. The problem gets more complex – and more difficult to control – when employees use third-party document sharing platforms, and lenders engage in open banking systems.

Making the World a Better Place with Fair Lending Technology  

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25%+ of TurnKey Lender clients are non-profits working with students, refugees, asylum seekers, and minority-owned SMEs.  At TurnKey Lender we believe that credit can and should be the force for good.  We are a global fintech that helps 50 million people across 180 companies in over 50 countries achieve their dreams through access to fair […]

Lending Technology in an Era of State-Backed Cyber-Threats 

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Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine has conjured worries of global cyber hostilities that could reach any internet-connected device or system — from the one you’re using right now to those powering an organization you may own, work for, or rely on for warmth and sustenance.  While such outcomes may seem exaggerated, a renewed sense of […]

Digital Lending Automation 101: The Last Explainer You’ll Ever Need 

Digital lending is changing the face of commerce. As a result of this digital transformation, would-be borrowers are no longer constrained to apply for loans in person at financial institutions. As an alternative to paying in full for a desired product or service — anything from rowing machines to capital equipment to medical care — […]

Your Own Lending Management System at the Turn of a Key

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TurnKey Lender is changing how businesses everywhere succeed. The eight-year-old Austin-headquartered company puts state-of-the-art lending software in the hands of businesses of all sizes, using proprietary technology that securely digitizes every step of credit management. 

How TurnKey Lender Turns Banks Into Buy Now Pay Later Providers 

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In recent years, economic uncertainty and the rise of digital-technology solutions have combined to make “buy now, pay later“ (BNPL) purchase options increasingly attractive to consumers around the world.  BNPL financing — also called point-of-sale (or POS) loans — helps consumers make purchases and pay for them in installments, often interest-free. Although this concept harkens […]

Loan Servicing Software: Digital LOS Enhances In-House Financing, Makes for Better Customer Service and Improved Outcomes 

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It’s tempting to talk about innovations in lending technology — like using artificial intelligence to make faster and more nuanced credit decisions or applying credit strategies to take the sting out of seasonality for your organization or enterprise.  [download] These two benefits of using an in-house, white-label, banking-as-a-service, or BaaS, approach to providing a robust […]

Fully Configurable FinTech Comes of Age in 2022

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Advances in information and operations technology are accelerating digital uptake and engagement for businesses and other organizations. Many observers point to the coronavirus pandemic as a spur to distance-keeping, labor-saving technology in workplace settings. But many entrepreneurs — including small- and middle-market players — recognize that improvements in technology are at least as potent, and […]

FinTech Swarms Will Speed Innovation, Customer Service for Businesses of All Types and Sizes 

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Business owners, strategists, and analysts take note: API-enabled financial-technology swarms are accelerating service delivery to businesses and consumers alike, and laying the groundwork for ongoing improvements in efficiency, client service, and collaboration.  Accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, the global fintech market is expected to top $350 billion in 2022, according to one industry source. That’s up from […]

2021 at TurnKey Lender – Empowering Lenders Around the World to Transform the Lending Experience

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With 2022 approaching, our TurnKey Lender team is looking back at what we have accomplished over the past year. Below please find a recap of 2021 at TurnKey Lender.  We look forward to serving you in the coming year as we work together to transform the lending industry!  2021 Product Updates  Our product team rolled out new features and software editions tailored to the needs of specific creditor types. Every update and […]


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