Business loan application process powered by TurnKey Commercial


Business lending automation has never been this flexible and easy-to-use.   Neither for the lender nor the borrower.   In this demo we’ll show how TurnKey Lender Commercial and how your borrowers will interact with your new platform.   Everything you see during the demo is fully configurable from your dedicated backend and is fully white label making […]

9 Things SMEs Look for in a Commercial Lender in 2024


As lending niche entry barrier lowers due to the development of FinTech, competition grows. Big banks have established names and loyal client bases going for them, and alternative credit providers keep improving user experience, simplifying onboarding, and lowering interest rates. That leaves new lending market players in a tricky position where they have to compete […]

In-depth Guide to Digital Lending Cybersecurity in 2024


Interpol reports a 569% growth in malicious registrations, including malware and phishing, and a 788% growth in high-risk registrations. And it’s just the ones that were detected and reported. And since the trend toward the migration of businesses online, the potential for increased financial benefit will see cybercriminals continue to ramp up their activities and […]

Non-Profit Lenders Want — and May Need — to Demonstrate Their Impacts on the Communities They Support 


Along with increased funding for underserved communities further disadvantaged by the coronavirus pandemic and its economic impacts. Black workers suffered record job losses early in the public-health crisis — and have been disproportionately exposed to ongoing risk of Covid infection as “essential workers” — a threat that extends to immediate family members, according to the Economic Policy […]

Top 10 trends in digital lending for 2023 

img_turnkley-lender_Top 10 trends in digital lending for 2023 - 1920

This is a column by Dmytro Voronenko, Ph.D.  Digital lending keeps rapidly evolving despite the soaring cost of capital accompanied by geopolitical and economic turbulences. There remains a huge growth potential for innovative lenders. And in this transformative time, it’s more important than ever to understand what trends will drive and affect the digital lending […]

How to manage AML and KYC as a digital lender in 2024


If you’re just planning to enter the digital lending market, regulatory compliance may seem like an insurmountable hurdle. But it’s not. In this in-depth guide we’ll break down what you need to know to safely become a digital lender and unlock the improved retention, profits, and client returns.     The key terms you will hear […]

White paper: the ultimate BNPL guide for B2C and B2B companies

img_turnkley-lender_Pay later white paper-1920

By 2025, the global BNPL industry will grow 10-15x its current volume — topping $1T in annual gross merchandise volume. Both B2C and B2B businesses have noticed that despite any pushback, BNPL quickly becomes a must-have payment option. And more entrepreneurs each day realize that it’s better to control this monetization and retention tool instead […]


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