TurnKey Lender’s CEO Dmitry Voronenko Live Interview with Bloomberg TV Philippines

Dmitry Voronenko TurnKey Lender’s CEO went on air live during the show Starting Gate on Nov 9, 2017, to talk about how TurnKey lender is responding to the Government’s call for Financial Inclusion in the Philippines. He spoke about how TurnKey Lender’s End to End Automation solution utilizes AI and Machine Learning to get accurate Credit Scoring and Reports. He also announced that TurnKey Lender has introduced the World’s First Free Online lending Software for the Philippines.

In the Philippines, at least 80% of adults do not maintain bank accounts, and less than 20% of the population has access to formal. However, the smartphone adoption rate is over 50 percent. That represents a great opportunity for fintech companies and for existing lenders which can target and reach all these unbanked people using the right technology like TurnKey Lender SaaS.