All-In-One Lending Management Software

Easily manage every step of the lending process with our end-to-end lending management solution. Our AI-powered, cloud-based platform integrates with 75+ preconfigured partners, offers advanced automation and analytics, and guarantees the fastest time-to-market.

All-In-One Lending Management Software
Loan origination platform for tailor-fit application processing and credit scoring

Loan origination platform for tailor-fit application processing and credit scoring

Powerful, AI-driven software built to meet all your loan origination needs. TurnKey Lender’s loan origination module allows you to automate, configure and simplify your decisioning, scoring and loan offers.

  1. Powerful AI-powered decision engine lets you evaluate borrowers quickly and accurately, and automate credit scoring based on traditional and alternative risk assessment data
  2. Includes functionality for loan application creation, terms and schedule management, and bank and contact details collection
  3. Fully configurable loan application process allows for creation of personalized application flows, dictionaries, and loan offers
  4. Access disclaimers and document templates created by experts, along with configurable management tools


AI-Powered Decision Engine

AI-powered decisioning algorithms and machine learning help you automate and streamline your credit processing - and make smarter, faster loan decisions.

Borrowers Portal

Borrowers can quickly and easily manage their details, apply for new loans and make repayments – all in one place and across devices.

Collateral Management

Make every type of secured lending fast and easy, including assets valuation and re-evaluation.

Calculations Engine

Create hyper-flexible credit products with complex schedules, fees, taxes, interest and configurable rules – and auto-generate loan statements.

Loan Origination

Create unique application flows, automate contracts and agreements, and use AI-powered credit scoring software to quickly evaluate potential borrowers.

Loan Servicing/ Management

Optimize your loan servicing processes with enhanced machine learning, advanced automation and dynamic reporting features.

Debt Collection

Automate your debt collection operations with AI-driven collection priority, delinquency buckets, configurable collection strategies and conversation scripts.


Access in-depth risk scoring, borrower evaluation, decision rules checks, loan offer management, and more.

Configurable Loan Application Flow

Easy-to-use editor lets you build loan application workflows in a matter of clicks. Instant automation – with zero coding required.

Batch Importing & Exporting of Data

Save hours of time by importing data (including payments, users and loans) in bulk.

Flexible Document Management

Automatically generate – and easily manage – all loan documents and statements. Specify detailed requirements for borrower and loan documents collection – to be reflected instantly across the platform.

Dashboard, Email & SMS Notifications

Set custom notifications for both borrowers and employees to keep track of every stage of the lending cycle. Our user-friendly lending software is pre-configured to integrate quickly with email/SMS services.

Powerful API Engine

Save time, speed up loan management processes and automate routine tasks by accessing and processing thousands of data points instantly and on demand.

Configurable Reporting

Automate tailor-fit or pre-defined dynamic reports, and unlock unparalleled insights in seconds.

Risk Evaluation

Enterprise-grade AI – including machine learning and deep neural networks - automates credit scoring based on traditional and alternative risk assessment data.

Auditing & Security

Our loan management platform exceeds regulatory requirements for data security, with SOC2 Type I and SOC2 Type II compliance reports, the globally recognized ISO 27001 Certification and more.

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