AI-Powered In-House Financing

Increase retail sales with in-store borrowers that allow you to realize interest revenue

Improve customer experience with bank grade technology that is completely customizable

Reduce credit risk without having to involve a traditional lender

Increase conversions with a quicker lending process and remove human error

Our Technology

End-to-End automation of in-store borrowing for SMEs and retailers

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TurnKey saves us 1000 man-hours each year processing loans. Online applications eliminated about 400 hours of data entry on paper forms. Much simpler than the legacy software. Things that took 100 steps previously are now done in 10.
Jon Lam Jon Lam
National Director of Finance & Risk at Windmill Microlending

Our Services

Intelligent Automation

We start by automating their entire lending program. Our robust and flexible platform delivers paperless processes and efficient workflows.


Finance companies automation the way it’s meant to work

Credit Decisioning
3 days
30 seconds
Operational Efficiency
With TurnKey Lender
Without TurnKey Lender

TurnKey Lender for you:

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  1. End-to-End Solution
  2. Fully Automation
  3. Fast Loan Approval
  4. Fraud Prevention
  5. Risk Management
  6. Real-Time Reports
  7. White Label

It's easy and fast
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TurnKey Lender


Tailored Proposal Development and Negotiation

1 week


Intal Project Research and Assessment

1 week


Customization and Implementation

2-8 weeks


Support & Maintenance


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