How to Launch and Grow a Peer-to-Peer Lending Business – 6 Critical Components

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P2P lending isn’t a trend. It’s an entirely new delivery vehicle that’s here to stay. Borrowers have already pushed peer-to-peer loan volume close to the $1 trillion mark, but launching an infrastructure that supports investor/borrower matching can still be a complex undertaking. Alternative and digital lenders who understand online origination and payments processing are the […]

How retailers can provide customer financing and boost ROI 

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When a retailer decides to offer financing to its customers, it has a binary choice about implementation. It can either:   Find a third party to provide the service, for which the business will pay a per-transaction fee (and possibly an additional monthly fee), or  Find a software solution that allows the business to keep fees […]

Merchant Cash Advances: Helping The eCommerce Industry Grow in 2024

Commercial interruptions linked to the coronavirus pandemic and its variant-borne waves have prompted many small to mid-size enterprises (SMEs) to seek merchant cash advance software, either to see them through lockdowns or to help them expand e-commerce operations and allow commerce to continue even when storefronts are shuttered. An MCA, effectively a form of “business […]

How Embedded Lending Tech Is Changing Everything so Fast 

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Banking as a service, or BaaS, is an end-to-end technology model that positions banks and non-banks to deliver customized banking and payment services, and, the evidence suggests, makes their customers happier to do business with them.  In the realm of lending, BaaS empowers organizations with any pre-existing financial infrastructure to provide digital “buy now, pay […]

Five Key Business Models Available for POS Financing

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Valued at $90.69 billion in 2020, the pay later market is projected to reach $3.98 trillion by 2030. And of course that was before the coronavirus pandemic shredded short- and medium-term financial forecasts for businesses and households alike. We’ve also collected the five key reasons to consider POS financing for retailers in a recent blog […]

Covid’s 2022 Staying Power Underlines Franchisees Need for In-House Financing

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For business owners everywhere, Covid-19 isn’t the only thing going on in early 2022, but — with the new surge of an especially contagious variant — it remains one of the biggest things. Two years in, the public-health crisis is still taking lives, straining hospitals, and weighing on an already uncertain economy. During this crisis, […]

Why Veterinarians Need In-House Pet-Care Financing

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Every day, as a veterinary professional, you encounter pet owners who can’t afford the treatment you’ve recommended, or can’t pay immediately.  If you take medical credit cards, customers may be wary of the punishing charges that kick in after 0%-interest “promotional periods,” or assume they won’t be approved. The same can be said about third-party […]

What IVF Patients Need to Know About Financing Their Treatments   

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In-vitro fertilization patients have a problem. Fortunately, it’s a problem technology can alleviate while improving health outcomes, and making patients’ finances more efficient and manageable.  We’re talking about money, of course. Some patients can’t afford needed treatment for themselves or loved ones, especially where deductibles and other limits outpace insurance coverage. For this reason, treatments […]

Six Standout Reasons IVF Clinics Need In-House Financing Software Right Now 

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Most components of in-vitro fertilization aren’t covered by healthcare insurance, private or public.   But you knew that. You’re a reproductive endocrinologist, or you work for one, and you’re familiar with the challenges some patients experience raising the $12,000 to $17,000 they need for a single IVF cycle and much more for prescriptions. You know equally […]


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