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In a late 2018 study, Citizens Financial Group found that:

76% of consumers surveyed said that they are more likely to make a retail purchase if a payment plan backed by a "simple and seamless point-of-sale experience" is available.

Channel preference by loan phase and generation

With TurnKey Lender
Without TurnKey Lender

Result Finance research institute on the General state of POS Finance

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The Financial Brand Research


How We Help

Address consumer frustration, and increase customers’ lifetime value.

Reduce human error at each step of the lending process.

Deploy intelligent end-to-end POS lending automation that’s easy and affordable.

lending technology

TurnKey Lender is the world’s leading provider of unified lending management solutions and services


Increased Customer Lifetime Value

Less Human Error

End-to-End Automation

Reduced Operational Costs

WHY TurnKey Lender

POS Finance automation the way it’s meant to work

TurnKey Lender’s solutions allows its clients to make measurable improvements.

Time to Funding
7-9 Business Days
30 Seconds
Eliminates Human Error
30 to 60%
Operational Efficiency
Has grown by 267%
With TurnKey Lender
Without TurnKey Lender

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Scoring Card Customization

Use our credit experts to build more effective, customized scoring.

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