Operating Principles

Our mission is to boost fair lending globally by making the most intelligent and turn-key lending automation accessible and user-friendly.
In our everyday operations, we follow these operating principles:

A User’s Needs are the Cornerstone

  • Technology matters only as long as it better addresses a user’s needs.
  • The main criterion for us is a user’s happiness; everything else – internal constraints, partnerships, routine internal business processes, approved business plans, product roadmaps, etc. – is secondary.
  • In our user satisfaction standards, in our marketing, and in our products development, we aim for global leadership; we won’t accept 2nd tier or regional-only positions.

“User-friendliness” is a King. Intelligence is a Queen. API is a Prince.

  • We constantly work on better and improved interfaces, easier and more intuitive usage patterns, self-explanatory GUI for “dummies,” unique aesthetics, and understandable interface packaging of the most sophisticated technologies.
  • We don’t tolerate any situation in which a competitor’s GUI is more user-friendly than ours.
  • We strive to bring the most intelligent products in the world to the marketplace: we bring even higher intelligence and more decision automation before our clients ask for it; we fascinate them with the new and latest AI capabilities.
  • The key to the global success, product ecosystem fostering and fast growth is the simplest and the most self-explanatory APIs.
  • We make all of our technologies Turn-Key.

Striving For Unity with the Flow

  • We believe in unity with the natural flow of things, with evolving market forces and with overall world dynamics.
  • We are a multinational and multicultural team of highly professional and respectful people, acting in harmony with our teams, peers, customers and partners.
  • We support each other in and outside of the workplace.
  • We always look for and try new synergies:  between people, teams, partners, technologies, and features.
  • We are quick to adapt, and we adapt constantly.
  • We do not judge our clients; we do not impose our values on them. Our technological infrastructure is for everyone, just like the Sun shines for everyone.
  • We care for the environment: we go as paperless as possible; we place top priority on environment-friendly projects for our clients and partners.
  • We stand for the highest moral standards, and do not support any illegal activities or businesses.

Trust And Involvement

  • We only hire people we trust and enjoy working with, no exceptions.  Credentials and “importance” don’t matter in this regard.
  • We praise achievements, appreciate efforts, and encourage initiative.
  • We avoid bureaucracy to a maximally practical extent.
  • We delegate as many decisions as possible to our “point-of-contact” people, those who touch the incoming information and can therefore act with first-hand experience.
  • Mistakes are a natural improvement vehicle. We analyze them, learn the lesson and, when applicable, create procedures for avoiding them in the future.
  • Only high-impact and irreversible decisions are escalated from “point-of-contact” to upper management.
  • We support open communication through knowledge sharing and information exchange.
  • Bad news must be delivered promptly.
  • All kinds of feedback are welcome, especially constructive criticism.

Decide fast, act even faster

  • Sub-optimal but fast decisions are better than perfect and slow.
  • In today’s volatile and quickly changing world, the speed of operational decisions supersedes the search for the best decision. When it is good enough, it is good enough.
  • We apply our operating principles to every decision we make.
  • Only strategic decisions require total thoughtfulness. We make decisions as if we play blitz chess (not bullet chess) – we decide fast, but still multi-parameterize and account for several steps ahead.
  • To decide faster and better, we discuss things with colleagues and external experts – again, as quickly  as possible.
  • To drive things faster, we internally employ a maximum level of automation.