Elena Ionenko Named One of Top 100 Women of the FinTech World


For the second consecutive year, Elena Ionenko, co-founder and Head of Business Development at TurnKey Lender, is listed among the top 100 women in FinTech of 2019. Each year Lattice80, the world’s largest FinTech hub based in London, in cooperation with Miss Kaya, a lifestyle driven financial platform for the modern woman, put together a list of women who make the biggest impact in the world of financial technologies.

“For me, it’s a great token of trust and a signal that our company is moving in the right direction,” notes Elena Ionenko. “Each year we’re making huge strides in our efforts to make the whole lending industry healthier and fairer. I’m happy that the work I put in every day put me on the list among these strong and capable female executives, entrepreneurs, and specialists. And it’s another factor that motivates me to keep on grinding. Now is the best time yet to be a woman in tech and I’m honored to be among the pioneers paving the way for next generations.”

The goal of this research is to empower young female professional and to stimulate diversity in the world of financial technology. It’s emphasized that women are still underrepresented in tech industries, so it’s important to recognize female contribution and leadership in some of the top companies in their respective fields worldwide. Diversity and eradication of gender bias is the cornerstone of building a successful organization in this day and age. This research by Lattice80 and Miss Kaya showcases women across different geographies and roles who play important roles in the FinTech ecosystem.

As the Head of Business Development and a co-founder of TurnKey Lender, the market’s leading lending automation platform in the world, Elena is the prime example of how no glass ceiling stands a chance against professionalism and devotion to a high cause. Under Elena’s supervision, TurnKey Lender successfully pivoted into the booming markets of Asia, while increasing its footprint in Europe and the US. In five years, the company has grown from a startup into a recognized player of the FinTech world with several rounds of funding raised from some of the most influential institutional investors in the field.

Elena Ionenko is a frequent contributor to authoritative niche outlets commenting on financial technology in general and further development of the underserved regions of the world. TurnKey Lender’s intelligent all-in-one platform automates the entire lending process and thanks to Elena’s leadership the company continues to grow and help the financial world achieve fair lending globally.

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