Dmitry Voronenko of TurnKey Lender – One of CLA’s Top 25 Leaders in Lending


This year, the Canadian Lenders Association (CLA) is hosting one of the biggest events dedicated to creditors in the country; the third annual Canadian Lenders Summit. The highlight of the event is the award show dedicated to choosing the  2019’s Canadian lending leader of the year. Dmitry Voronenko PhD., the co-founder and CEO of TurnKey Lender, has been named one of CLA’s Top 25 Leaders in Lending.

CLA has received 124 award nominations and has already selected the top 25 leaders using the following criteria:

  • Use of advanced FinTech solutions to solve challenges arising throughout the lending journey
  • Implementation of innovative lending strategies or business models.
  • The results from the implementation of unique lending solutions

The winners have been proven to radically improve borrowers’ journey via solutions like AI-powered credit modeling, breakthroughs in consumer identity management using blockchain technologies, and more. 

The goal of the summit is to bring the most influential lending companies and entrepreneurs in one room to celebrate last year’s achievements and ensure the continuous development of the lending industry in Canada. Dmitry Voronenko shared his comment about becoming one of the top 25 lending leaders in Canada: 

“The CLA’s goal of making credit more accessible in the Canadian marketplace is very much alike to the mission of TurnKey Lender. We’re happy and proud that more and more high-profile organizations are joining the movement for lowering the lending industry’s entry barrier – both for creditors and borrowers. It’s an honor and a privilege to be listed among the notable persons in the CLA’s top 25 list. I view it as a token of trust, which TurnKey Lender is going to prove worthy of by delivering the best possible FinTech solutions to our clients in Canada.”

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