TurnKey Lender Enterprise – Fully Configurable Modular Architecture that Digitizes Credit at Any Scale  

Digital Lending

TurnKey Lender offers advanced AI-powered lending automation and decision management solutions that allows lenders, as well as enterprises that offer financing, to utilize powerful workflows to simplify the entire lending management process based upon their unique credit requirements.  

It’s the most powerful and flexible no-code solution on the market and allows TurnKey Lender clients to deliver one-of-a-kind tailored lending platforms for banks, telecoms, manufacturers, retailers, and many other industries faster than anyone else on the market. 

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Intro to TurnKey Lender Enterprise 

TurnKey Lender Enterprise is a SaaS dedicated to the needs of large-scale businesses looking for unique automation software. The solution includes several multifunctional modules responsible for different elements of the lending process automation.  

The modules include: 

  • System Configurator – Allows commercial and consumer lenders to integrate with any third-party solution, service, data providers in an impactful way.  
  • AI-driven Decision Engine – Instantly collects all the data necessary for business credit scoring and helps make an accurate credit decision in less than a second.  
  • Flow Builder – Allows enterprises to build bank-grade business and decisioning logic with a drag-and-drop editor that applies approved changes.  
  • Flex GUI – Creates custom web pages and forms from an easy-to-use interface. 

The Enterprise solution reduces operational costs, eliminates human error, and increases borrower lifetime value. AI and Big Data are the cornerstones of the platform and are used to process millions of data points in a matter of seconds to help businesses make better business decisions on every stage of the loan’s lifecycle.  

TurnKey Lender’s information security policy exceeds regulatory requirements for data security going above industry standards and best practices. TurnKey Lender has SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type II compliance reports and the globally recognized ISO 27001 Certification.  

The Enterprise solution includes the end-to-end automation of loan processing, risk assessment, decisioning, origination, underwriting, servicing, collection, reporting, archiving, and more. The Enterprise solution lowers the bank-grade lending entry barrier and makes advanced automation for large organizations with complex processes accessible and easy-to-use. 

Capabilities of the TurnKey Lender Enterprise Solution  

TurnKey Lender Enterprise is not a plug-and-play platform. If you have a large-scale business with unique customer flows, complex decision logic, digitalization, and data processing needs, the Enterprise solution is the platform your business needs. 

Enterprise is a set of modules for no-code configuration of fully custom lending solutions for businesses working with any scale of challenges in the lending space. From telecoms with tens of millions of airtime loan users to large-scale banks needing to implement brand-new scoring approaches. 

Key Functional Modules of TurnKey Lender Enterprise   

Flow Builder    

The Flow Builder Module allows for building bank-grade business and decisioning logic with a drag-and-drop editor that applies approved changes instantly without the need to write a single line of code. 


This functional module allows clients to swiftly adjust even the more complex business processes and decision flows in an intuitive web workplace. Commercial lenders can use it to also set custom borrower’s evaluation or decision-making rules, to calculate indicators and ratios for each particular business client, or to find the most effective actions to address delinquencies.  

Used to design layouts for all web-based workplaces, forms, and reports. This tool enables complete customization of the TurnKey Lender User Interface to exactly match the requirements of our clients. FlexGUI uses drag and drop functionality, fully integrated with other development tools that allows layouts designed in FlexGUI to be easily integrated with workflows and workplaces. 

System Configurator  

The Configurator allows commercial lenders to integrate with any third-party solution, service, or data providers in a meaningful way with just a few clicks.   

This application is intended to manage the entities of the system and any changes or improvements made to it (i.e., new scoring models, decision-making strategies, integrations, etc.).  

Only after their approval by an authorized person, do they go live. This allows managing the process of gradual integration of system changes into the workflow by testing the changes made on a limited number of applications and monitoring the performance using the champion/challenger approach.   

Decision Engine   

TurnKey Lender’s proprietary AI-driven Decision Engine instantly collects all the data necessary for business credit scoring which allows businesses to make an accurate credit decision in less than a second. It’s developed specifically for lending automation, decision-making, and credit scoring in today’s hyper-nimble economy utilizing alternative data points like firmographics and bank statement scoring to reduce credit risk. It contains different analytical tools and features that can be used to score, rate, and re-evaluate business borrowers.

Along with rich evaluation capabilities, the Decision Engine provides impressive productivity, with clustering and scalability capabilities. To suit borrower evaluation specifics in the best possible way, the server allows setting individual evaluation processes for different credit products, portfolio segments or business lines, and supports several types of ratings — quantitative and qualitative.   

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System Administrator 

The Administrator is used to manage user accounts, roles, and access credentials. The interface allows creating, editing, and blocking/unblocking user accounts, granting access rights, and monitoring user activities through system logs. 

As a lender, you have full control over the data each of the employees, branches, vendors, or borrower has access to. Businesses that benefit from using the TurnKey Lender Enterprise Solution  

TurnKey Lender Enterprise provides businesses with a tailor-fit platform that is built to specifically meet the needs of a large-scale business. The types of lenders who are already using the TurnKey Lender Enterprise are enterprise companies leading their respective fields or venturing into the space of offering digital credit in a major way. They include: 

  • Banks and Credit Unions 
  • Digital Lenders 
  • Alternative Lenders 
  • Retailers and eCommerce Companies 
  • Service Providers 
  • P2P lenders 
  • Trade Finance Operators 
  • Telecoms 
  • Equipment Manufacturers  

Banks & Credit Unions  

With the configurability of a SaaS solution and deep API integration capacity, TurnKey Lender Enterprise is designed for large-scale financial companies. You may already have an existing tech infrastructure you need to utilize or want a full end-to-end solution – Enterprise can handle it.  

It’s a customer-centric system that lets you easily manage the entire lending process at your bank or credit union from anywhere in the world. TurnKey Lender applies proprietary AI to automate origination, credit decisioning, servicing, collection, due diligence, and more. The modular nature of the solution allows for the automation of specific parts of the business you couldn’t’ digitize before and a granular approach to automation not previously possible. 

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Embedded Lenders  

In recent years, a wide range of goods and services’ providers embrace FinTech and implement embedded financing programs into their operations. With the high cost of many types of products and services, customers are looking for providers who can offer easy-to-use, fully digital, and affordable financing in-house and to build relations with the business directly rather than a third-party in form of a bank.  

TurnKey Lender Enterprise is an end-to-end lending solution that enables intuitive in-house finance with unmatched configurability freedom, bank-grade scalability, and all the integrations necessary for efficient and accurate crediting in-house.   

The platform will be set up in compliance with your local and industry regulators and presents a unique combination of financial expertise, risk management and industry know-how designed with the latest SaaS best practices in mind.  

Finance Companies & Alternative Lenders 

From lenders who offer unsecured lines of credit and merchant cash advance providers for B2B who are using outdated technology and need an upgrade, TurnKey Lender Enterprise has the capacity to handle a wide range of business requirements. 

The TurnKey Lender platform automates every step of the lending process and makes crediting decisions completely digital for both borrowers and lenders. It’s a modular system that provides unparalleled flexibility and the quickest time-to-market available.  

Bank-grade processes automation is further enhanced with the usability of a modern SaaS. TurnKey Lender for alternative lenders, when used as a whole, is even greater than the sum of its parts thanks to meaningful integration of all the modules as well as third-party solutions and services. TurnKey Lender scales seamlessly to process up to 3M loans per working day without any requirements for additional cloud hardware. 


TurnKey Lender Enterprise is a powerful heavy-duty platform for businesses in many industries needing a powerful and fully configurable lending platform. It’s a market-leading set of tools for large businesses that the TurnKey Lender team developed based on decades of experience automating credit for traditional, alternative and embedded lending companies. Based on the results Enterprise brings to the companies that implement it, the most common benefits are: 

  • Cutting credit risks, thanks to AI-driven credit scoring.
  • Replacing outdated processes with software tailored to any business’ needs.
  • Eliminating unnecessary paperwork throughout the lending process. 
  • Reducing the operational cost of running a lending business and improving ROI for a business.
  • Getting rid of any human error in the entire crediting process.
  • Reducing the cost and time-to-market of launching an e-lending business.
  • Unifying all of loan life cycle tasks in one end-to-end platform. 

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