TurnKey Lender’s 2019 Scholarship Program

Share your knowledge and ideas to get rewarded!

At TurnKey Lender we use every opportunity we can to cooperate with people and companies who drive positive social changes in the world. Over the years we’ve worked with a wide range of NGOs, NPOs, charities, academics, professionals from the public sector, and private individuals. But above all, we believe that education plays a crucial role in changing the world to the best.

That is why back in 2018 TurnKey Lender launched its own scholarship for students who are passionate about technology. The goal of this program is to help a motivated and talented student to fully focus on achieving their best in their field of studies. The rules are simple: you write the best essay out of all applicants, comply with the rules, get selected by TurnKey Lender’s committee, and receive $1000.

Showcase your knowledge and get rewarded!

Scholarship essay rules

Write an essay of 1000+ words on one of the suggested topic, and submit it by December 20, 2019, for a chance to win $1000.

$1000 Scholarship

12/20/19 deadline

1000+ essay volume


  1. Fair Lending Globally: A Realistic Version of the Future or a Utopian Dream
  2. The Future of Lending in the Digital Age
  3. Does FinTech Help Move the Humanity Forward?


TurnKey Lender offers this scholarship to current or admitted and fully registered students at the accredited universities worldwide.

Selection & Notification Process

TurnKey Lender’s business analysts will select the best essay and award the winner by December 21, 2019

How to Apply

Write a 1000+ words essay on one of the topics suggested above. The text must be in English.

Share your article on a social media platform of your choice using #TurnKeyLenderScholarship2019 hashtag.

Publish the post online publicly. This can be a student blog on your university website or platforms like Medium, WordPress, Blogger, etc. Include at least 3 links citing reputable business/FinTech/tech sources, including one link to www.turnkey-lender.com.

Submit your essay via email by December 20, 2019. Only one submission per student is allowed.

We look forward to reading your essay! Good luck!

Should you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]

TurnKey Lender does not collect and store any private information about applicants unless it's included in the application or during the application process. Any and all private information about applicants is required exclusively for the scholarship.

Privacy policy

About Turnkey Lender

TurnKey Lender is the first SaaS to put bank-grade financial technology on a commodity cloud. Through our tools, we lower lending industry entry barriers and facilitate financial inclusion worldwide. The key industries TurnKey Lender serves are cloud lending, retail, payday loans, microfinance, lease finance, medical, dental, factoring, invoice financing, and telecom. Lenders who will benefit most from implementing TurnKey Lender’s software are alternative, SME, peer-to-peer and direct lenders, auto financing companies, community banks, and credit unions. Basically, bank and non-bank credit product providers of any size and nature.

TurnKey Lender is the market’s leading provider of lending automation, risk mitigation, and loan decisioning solutions and services. The company’s key product is the intelligent all-in-one platform which automates the entire lending process and comes with an AI-driven origination engine built-in. Founded in 2014, the startup has grown to become a renowned leader of the lending automation niche recognized by some of the most prestigious FinTech awards.

Essentially, TurnKey Lender is here to help its customers successfully leverage newly-emerging lending models to offer seamless services to a broader clientele. We believe in making fair lending globally a reality. And we’re making it happen by creating the most intelligent and wholesome tools on the market accessible and affordable to the business.