The TurnKey Lender's Scholarship Program

An opportunity for students to fully focus on achieving their best.

Turnkey Lender is heavily involved with multiple NGOs, NPOs, charities, academics, professionals from the public sector, and private individuals passionate about positive social changes in the world - from government-backed educational loans in Canada to sustainability and energy-saving renovation loans in the EU to business loans to women-held micro-businesses in Africa and Asia. Our goal is to create and nurture the correct attitude towards market forces through higher education.

In continuation of our efforts, we would like to introduce to you the 2018 Turnkey Lender Scholarship that represents an opportunity for a student to fully focus his or her attention on achieving the best in their primary field of studies.

December’s Winner: Alex Valero


Essay: “Fintech: The Future of Money?”

Read the essay on Alex’s Blog

Alex Valero’s email: [email protected]

Student of: Florida International University

About Turnkey Lender

Turnkey Lender is the first of its kind SaaS (Software as a Service) to put bank-grade financial technology on a commodity cloud. By lowering lending technology barriers and facilitating financial inclusion, Turnkey Lender is creating numerous opportunities for a broad range of lenders - from smaller lenders involved in point-of-sale operations to midsize lending institutions such as mortgage brokers, leasing companies, payday lenders, health care professionals, telecom service providers and others who can now compete with the big legacy financing institutions.

Turnkey Lender's proprietary SaaS solutions allow a small or midsize lender to fully automate the process and begin operating almost immediately, which is vital for rural entrepreneurs in financially underserved regions, charitable organizations involved in forward areas, organizations providing credit to refugees, emergency financing services, P2P lending platforms, etc.

Essentially, Turnkey Lender is here to help its customers leverage various newly-emerging lending models to offer seamless services to a broader clientele providing alternatives to traditional banking and mainstream financial institutions.