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Microfinance will grow by 30%.

According to Microfinance Market Outlook (November 2016), global microfinance markets will grow on average by 10%-15%. The highest growth rates will come from the Asia Pacific region with percentages as high as 30%.


Stringent reporting requirements. Risk management with thin credit reports.

The microfinance industry requires stringent reporting to ensure transparency on tax filings and stakeholder reviews. This can be especially challenging when financial accounting is not your core business. In addition you’ll need to manage credit risk in emerging markets with few established resources for credit reporting.

Microbanking Software Solution

Managed, specialty micro-lending software system.

At Turnkey Lender we share your passion for people with vision and initiative, but limited resources, who are working hard to bring their original ideas to life. As a micro-financier who extends one tiny loan at a time, you already know the strong, positive impact you’re making on the economies of local communities underserved by traditional banks. Turnkey Lender would like to support your admirable efforts with an MFI (microfinance industry) software and management system that’s already the lending software standard with credit cooperatives, credit unions and micro finance organizations across Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Comprehensive, User-friendly Platform

This is a complete system that’s easy-to-install, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. Plus it’s adaptable and affordable. Our all-in-one MFI software system leverages micro-lending best practices, so it’s specially designed to meet your unique business and reporting requirements, including: loan origination processing, loan servicing, management tracking and reporting, tax accounting, and delinquent payments management. And it easily integrates with external systems like credit reporting bureaus for real time updates.

Small Loan Software with Big Bank Feature

The microfinance industry has become an investment opportunity for social entrepreneurs as well as big institutional investors. They look for innovation, smart use of technology, better business models and detailed reporting. Turnkey Lender provides the level of automation, loan origination and servicing systems as well as transparent reporting you need to maintain solid, long-term relationships with all your external stakeholders as well as the tax authorities.

Intelligent Credit Scoring Overcomes Thin Credit Reporting

We’re constantly evolving the platform with upgrades and all new releases to make sure your microfinance package is always state-of the art. One important feature is our intelligent credit scoring system that uses machine learning and data analysis to improve the algorithms. The generic scoring template adapts to individual loan applicants and evolves intelligently over time. The foundation architecture can be further enhanced from our library of alternative scoring models using easy access APIs. This feature is especially useful in emerging markets where there are few traditional credit reporting agencies.
MoneyVeo is completely satisfied with the solution and recommends this company as a supplier in the area of lending, scoring, credit risk management, and consulting… Jonathan Sarmina, CEO, MoneyVeo, Mexico

Microfinance Software System – Key Business Benefits

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