Robust Loan Origination
Powered by AI

TurnKey Lender provides advanced proprietary software to automate every part of the loan origination process

We know what keeps you up at night

Urgent need to migrate your business from paper-based, manual processes

Human error due to outdated workflows

The steep rise of operational expenses due to business growth

TurnKey Lender Loan Origination Workplace
lets you

  1. Generate and Process Loan Applications
  2. Do Automatic Document Verification
  3. Automatic and Manual Verification of the Borrower's Personal Details
  4. Deep Analysis of Loan Applications by Proprietary AI
  5. Achieve Accurate Credit Scoring Based on a Customizable Proprietary Scorecard
  6. Build Your Own Business Rules


by AI


Proprietary Customizable Scorecard


Streamlined Regulatory Compliance


Intelligent Processes Automation


Approve More of the Right Loans Faster


Put AML and KYC on Autopilot


AI-powered  Solution Automating Loan Origination

TurnKey Lender’s Loan Origination Solution Collects and Evaluates All Leads in One Place

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It is a very versatile tool, easy and practical to use, our clients have inclined to make it a fundamental part in their administrative environment in view of the fact that the flow processes of origin, loan and payment can be monitored in a well-disaggregated manner.
Cesar Brito
Analyst at Datalink C.A
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