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Easy, accurate, affordable, end-to-end online lending software system with free trial

Loan origination software is an essential tool in today’s highly competitive lending arena, especially digital lending using mobile apps. These borrowers expect instant approvals. Or they quickly move on to other options. With Turnkey Lender you get cutting edge benefits and a much needed competitive advantage:

  • Automated application process books more accounts, faster and with less manpower.
  • Proprietary credit scoring model reduces credit risk and improves portfolio yield.

our offering

Automation increases decision speed and operational efficiency

Turnkey Lender automates the process for you. Our origination software system supports borrower evaluation and underwriting in three distinct ways:

  • Best practice workflows
  • Advanced credit scoring techniques
  • Credit decision analytics

competitive advantage

Turnkey Lender fully managed solution

Our loan application and processing software enable lending organizations to minimize their risk exposure in addition to increasing operational efficiency. Proven scoring techniques evaluate and project the credit-worthiness of potential new customers. And the system is designed for flexible management of your credit rules, credit policies, and scoring models. This easy-to-use configuration eliminates vendor dependency and internal IT manpower.

Our strategic approach is based on the concept of continuous learning, by integrating machine learning with data analysis. Your software comes out-of-the-box with a generic scoring template. This pre-programmed logic responds differently to different loan applications and evolves intelligently over time. Plus you can customize the base system with alternative scoring models that are easy to install with APIs.

Understand more, make better decisions

Competitive advantage: book more new accounts, reduce operational costs, improve regulatory compliance and control bad debt losses

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