Equipment Lease Management Software

$280B financed annually. Only 16% market penetration.

Leasing has become a popular method of financing as traditional banks continue to decline more than 75% of SME loan applications. There’s good news. Demand has doubled since 2012 with annual volume at $280 billion per year. And there’s better news. That’s only 16% of the $1.7 trillion equipment sales projected for 2018.

Equipment Leasing Software System

Lessee demand for convenience and better pricing.

Technology-enabled providers are the leading players in the business. Top competitors cater to lessee demand for convenience by offering POS-integrated origination solutions, or a mobile-only direct origination experience.

Equipment Leasing Software Solutions

Fintech award winning lease finance software system.

Lease financing is a complex funding vehicle that’s difficult to manage profitably, but the long-term opportunity is enormous. As an “alternative lender” you juggle a wide variety of lease options in order to accommodate different types of lessees with different types of underlying assets: auto and truck fleets, heavy construction equipment, office equipment, industrial kitchen appliances and all types of machinery. Increased demand has increased the amount of competition as well as the voracity of the competition. The marketing promises (sometimes over promises) run the gamut from “quick approval” to “1-page application” to “$250,000 approved”. This type of aggressive advertising is one of the reasons the regulators are looking more closely at lease financing as part of their overall review of the alternative financing industry. Which means you need to stay on top of changing regulatory compliance rules. Turnkey Lender delivers a state-of-the-art lease financing software system to help you make the right approval and pricing decisions in real time. It integrates with retail software to provide a POS solution for your equipment sales company. It’s easy to install from the cloud, and the intuitive workflow makes it easy to learn. Plus the cloud platform provides a fully managed environment where features and functionality are upgraded automatically, along with any new changes to regulatory compliance rules. With no additional programming required on your part. Turnkey Lender improves origination using automation and proprietary credit scoring methods, and it streamlines payments processing. This software will quickly become a positive difference maker for your lease managers. And the efficiencies gained through automation can take the pressure off tight profit margins.
MoneyVeo is completely satisfied with the solution and recommends this company as a supplier in the area of lending, scoring, credit risk management, and consulting… Jonathan Sarmina, CEO, MoneyVeo, Mexico

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