$1T per year in online loans.

Online money lending is experiencing explosive growth with projections of $1 trillion per year by 2025. It’s an industry that’s changing rapidly as it graduates from grassroots movement to mainstream credit vehicle. Most of the big banks are getting in on the action, adapting legacy systems to integrate with digital distribution channels. And non-bank lenders from the fintech world are disrupting a field that has changed very little in the past 100 years.


Fintech tools and systems are price-of-entry.

As an online money lender you close more personal and small business loans with faster approvals and lower rates than traditional banks. While controlling your risk profile. And your product line includes a wide variety of innovative credit vehicles. You’re a maverick in an innovative movement, but it can’t be done without specialized software for money lending.


Fintech award winning money lender software.

Cutting edge technology is the key to success in the online money lending arena. You already know that speed and risk-based pricing are essential when it comes to online money lending. Whether you’re reviewing and closing new loan applications, managing the loan portfolio; or launching the type of leading edge financial vehicles that differentiate your business from all the other online money lenders entering the marketplace each and every week. Turnkey Lender delivers a fintech award winning origination and account management system. SMEs enjoy the fact that it moves at warp speed, and continually evolves. Our fully managed system provides instant, risk-adjusted application approvals. Plus superior loan servicing features for tracking payments, processing digital funds transfers, and monitoring credit scores. With the highest level of pricing accuracy and cyber security. The Turnkey Lender platform is upgraded on a continual basis, so your software is always state-of-the-art. One important aspect is the intelligent credit quality system. It uses machine learning and data analysis to fine tune the algorithms. The foundation template adapts to each new application, and uses the data to evolve intelligently over time. Each system can be further enhanced with alternative scoring models via APIs. This enhancement feature is especially useful for lenders working in emerging markets with few credit reporting agencies, or lenders focused on new borrowers with thin or no credit history. The competition will be extreme when it comes to online money lending. The winners will master the art and science of speed, efficiency, pricing accuracy and data security. With Turnkey Lender your team will beat the big banks with their legacy platforms as well as the fintech non-bank lenders.
MoneyVeo is completely satisfied with the solution and recommends this company as a supplier in the area of lending, scoring, credit risk management, and consulting… Jonathan Sarmina, CEO, MoneyVeo, Mexico

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