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Automation and workflows for efficiency, speed and accuracy

Origination and loan servicing are two very different disciplines, so your loan management software solution must meet its own unique set of requirements. The correct fit for your business will increase employee productivity, help meet regulatory compliance requirements, and provide consolidated business reports. In addition an advanced platform will flag incremental income opportunities to up-sell or cross sell additional products to high potential customers.

our offering

Comprehensive loan servicing software functionality

  • Digital statement capability to supplement or even replace high cost paper statements
  • Automatically tracks all interactions between lender and borrower, including payment history and customer service queries
  • Automatically updates borrower credit bureau data
  • Push communications via SMS, text and/or email for account alerts and payment reminders
  • Customers can upload documents for fast, easy application review
  • Customers can make payments via direct debits and auto-pay features

competitive advantage

Automation and workflows for efficiency, speed and accuracy

Simplicity is key when you’re designing a software solution that creates measurable efficiencies. Credit Monitoring Controls Risk, Improves Yield Credit scoring shouldn’t stop when you book a new account.

Our servicing software system includes predictive triggers that alert you about potential bad debt, allowing you to control losses by fine tuning pricing or even closing an account. Plus there’s the added benefit of consolidated data across all your customers’ loan products, which allows you to identify up-sell and cross sell opportunities. And your marketing team can profile your best customers to improve on future marketing efforts. Turnkey Lender advanced profiling combined with consolidated reporting makes it easier to quantify and then optimize customer lifetime value.

Understand more, make better decisions

Competitive advantage: book more new accounts, reduce operational costs, improve regulatory compliance and control bad debt losses

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