In-House Patient Financing for Medical Practices

End-to-end patient financing software that helps patients and clients get the care they need with financing options that work best for them.

Award-Winning SaaS That Helps Your Practice Scale

  1. Expand your business by providing in-house patient financing on autopilot.
  2. Adding in-housing financing as an option and distributing payments over time can increase average medical billing per patient by up to 120%.
  3. Giving clients and patients payment options leads to an average 17% increase in billings.
  4. See up to 93% of patients return to your practice if the need arises because of the flexible payment options.
  5. Build better relationships with patients instead of outsourcing financing to 3rd party providers.
  6. Flatten income seasonality by distributing payments throughout the year.
  7. Keep financing in-house to determine who gets approved with the care they need.
  8. Outperform competition by instantly evaluating and approving financing for patients.
  9. Rely on a medical financing solution that efficiently automates the entire medical financing process.

Patient Financing Software Perfectly Fit to Your Exact Business Use Case

Instead of patients paying for out-of-pocket costs, copays and deductibles they can make flexible payments over time. Your practice no longer has to outsource financing to a third-party and can experience more growth.

  1. Finance patients in-house
  2. Finance clients who buy medical equipment
  • Healthcare practice
  • Hearing
  • Plastic surgeries
  • Ophthalmology
  • Dental
  • Optometry
  • Medical equipment provider
  • Primary and urgent care
  • Chiropractic
  • Spa & wellness
  • Cosmetic
  • Veterinary

Start your TurnKey Lender Success Story Today

Benefits a cosmetic surgery practice saw from implementing TurnKey Lender Patient Financing:

  1. Achieved 7-figure, year-over-year growth
  2. Doubled the number of new patients within one year
  3. Improved user experience for employees and patients
TurnKey Lender facilitated growth and even enabled it. They helped us take excess capacity and fill it. We haven’t changed our business, but we have grown it. In-house financing helps us make sure that the operating rooms are full. With software like TurnKey Lender, any clinic can do it. What’s nice about the platform is its flexibility. The system is structured enough for a newcomer but as you gain expertise it has the flexibility to adjust to a more dynamic organization.
Ashley Kalus Ashley Kalus
CEO at Sirena Credit Company

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What Your Patient Financing Software by TurnKey Lender Looks Like

Features That Make a Difference for Practices Like Yours

TurnKey Lender offers medical edition of its bank-grade lending automation software that is tailored to the needs of different medical practices, healthcare, and medical equipment providers.

  1. Fully automated financing decisions powered by proprietary AI.
  2. Flexible personalized financing options for different procedures and patient types.
  3. Increased customer loyalty achieved with streamlined automation.
  4. Keep in touch with your patients through a well-designed interface.
  5. No-code configurable financing application flow that can be tailor-fit to your practice.
  6. Integrations with payment providers, credit bureaus, SMS and email, bank verification services, and more.
  7. Cloud-based SaaS with regularly updated design, security, and functionality.
  8. Personal patient’s portal and permission-based access for your practice’s staff.
  9. The system built for flexibility and scalability easily handles high volumes and carefully crafted business processes.
  10. Fully white-labeled solution - just a few clicks and you can enjoy your very own branded solution.
  11. Whenever you need us – our support staff is there to help you and your business 24/7/365.

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Success Stories of TurnKey Lender Customers

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We looked at other lending solutions. But TurnKey Lender was just more accessible and...well, ‘turn key.’ Now we're on a level playing field with the bigger guys without the overhead. This, and intelligent credit scoring, helps us provide our borrowers with affordable loans while working at a profit.
Simon Lindsay Simon Lindsay
Co-Founder, Managing Director at Cash Direct Pty Ltd

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