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The demand for direct lending has increased substantially over the past decade in response to tight business credit policies that cause more than three quarters of all traditional business loans to be declined. Middle market businesses have been hit the hardest, making them even more credit hungry. The direct lending product line has expanded as private lenders move beyond business loans to mortgage loans, and even student loans.


Competition from institutional investors. Technology requirements.

Small, local direct lenders are being squeezed by big national and international funds. In a recent financial industry survey, 57% of institutional investors say they plan to allocate more assets to private lending. We’ve all been hearing the rumblings about financial deregulation and rising interest rates, and this news is making the category even more appealing. Big players, like hedge funds and insurance funds, use advanced technologies to improve operations and increase net interest margin. Small to mid-size lenders won’t be able to compete with generic software.


Fintech award winning, private lending software system.

The increasing demand for direct lending is fueling new competition from large institutional investors who use sophisticated investing strategies and financial technologies. Savvy small to mid-size lenders will keep more of their capital out in the field by using these same tools to make smart approval and pricing decisions. Turnkey Lender is here to resolve your direct lending needs with a fintech award winning technology platform. Our software system brings much needed automation and a proprietary credit scoring model that accelerates processing time, improves pricing decisions, automates account management processes, creates efficiencies, reduces bad debt, and keeps sensitive financial data secure in cyberspace. The advanced credit scoring system uses predictive bad debt triggers to alert you to negative changes in a client’s credit score. Our platform is fully managed in the cloud. You’ll enjoy easy set-up without technical expertise. And a simple training process that’s built in to the workflow without cumbersome manuals or pop-ups. The rules-based foundation is regulatory compliant out-of-the-box. Upgrades and all new releases are automatic in the cloud with no extra programming, which includes regulatory updates when they’re published. Our credit scoring system integrates machine learning with data analysis to evolve the score card on a regular basis. And you can add alternative scoring models to evaluate prospects who have limited credit information on file with traditional credit bureaus.
Turnkey Lender helped us with increasing efficiency of our scoring model in Jan-Feb 2016. They provided the highest level of consulting and technical support services. Jonathan Sarmina, Ceo Moneyveo, Mexico

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