Reporting in TurnKey Lender

AI-Driven Lending Reporting and Analytics Tailored to Your Business Needs

TurnKey Lender comes with powerful reporting functionality built in, so you always know your business ROI. All the lending-related data that enters the System is processed and updated with every action on every loan application. You can review the information in the intuitive and configurable dashboards of the dedicated Reports Workplace.

Make informed decisions and drive growth with intelligent reporting tools

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Reporting features that your business needs

TurnKey Lender offers a CRM-level insight into the performance of the business and behaviors of users specifically tailored to the lending industry and powered by proprietary award-winning AI.

Reporting capabilities that come included:

TurnKey Lender comes preconfigured with the reports, dashboards, and templates that lenders most commonly use. Here are some of the report types your TurnKey Lender portal can create by default.

  1. Accounting and Customer Details – Ready to use in TurnKey Lender or as an exported file, the report lets you easily track loans, days past due (DPD), commissions, fees, outstanding amounts, terms, and more.
  2. Accounting Cash Flow – Analyze accrued amounts, maturity dates, fees and repayments.
  3. Bank Account Statements – Pull bank statements data through an easy integration and get a more meaningful insight into the client's creditworthiness.
  4. Credit Risk Report – Conduct portfolio analysis by state, risk level, or delinquency buckets.
  5. Customer Data - Pull customer data in bulk or easily configure custom reports with data points you’d like to export.
  6. Executive Report - Present data in form of easy-to-understand diagrams with possible drill downs into the specifics, all within the TurnKey Lender interface.
  7. Expected Payments - Get a list of all the expected payments for a regulator or a stakeholder.
  8. Loan Data - Analyze all available data on the loans in your system.
  9. Payment Information - Review the payments made both from you to the borrowers and vice versa.
  10. Originators and Underwriters Performance Reports – Analyze originators’ or underwriters’ performance based on the metrics specifically tailored to their position.
  11. Business Performance Dashboard – A state-of-the-art reporting page that gives you an overview of the entire lending business at a glance.

Unlimited space for configuration

Solution for SME clients

  1. Excel Report Constructor allows customers to create custom Excel reports without additional development using PowerPivot and Power Query. Charts are generated automatically based on supported data models.
  2. Use Smart Markers to create new reports templates and pull exactly the data you need in a matter of minutes.
  3. For an additional fee, advanced reporting customizations can be implemented to tailor Dashboards to customer’s unique requirements.

Solution for enterprise clients

  1. During system implementation, Turnkey Lender BA’s work with stakeholders to configure reports and dashboards to each role. Each role can have unique dashboards for most relevant data.
  2. Your staff will be trained by our team to use Enterprise Tools to build custom reports with SQL-based queries and configurable UI.

Integrate with your favorite business tools

Use TurnKey Lender API to integrate with your BI tools of choice tools like PowerBI, Tableau, or your own data warehouse for enhanced reporting and analytics.

Lending accounting made simple

TurnKey Lender allows you to easily generate and use Excel Reports, CSV import, and integration with:
  • QuickBooks
  • Xero

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