TurnKey Lender & Payliance Form a Strategic Partnership to Advance Digitalization of Credit in the US 


TurnKey Lender, a provider of award-winning lending automation, decision management, and risk scoring technology is happy to announce the formation of a strategic partnership with Payliance, one of the leading providers of payments processing, verification, and recovery solutions for merchants with over 30 years of market presence.  

The goal of the partnership is to strengthen the positions of the companies in the lending space, bolster the connection between the solutions of the two companies allowing for simple and streamlined integrations, as well as to improve the overall customer experience for merchants and lenders using both Payliance’s and TurnKey Lender’s software. As part of the partnership, TurnKey Lender software already has a pre-configured integration with Payliance (USA) and supports card repayments along with the ACH transactions. 

Essa Naser, Marketing Director at Payliance shared his thoughts about the partnership: 

“Our partnership with TurnKey Lender will allow our respective clients to benefit from a unified lending and payments ecosystem through Payliance’s smart, secure, and integrated payment solutions as an inherent part of the TurnKey Lender platform. Payliance’s full-lifecycle Payments-as-a-Service platform will be further embedded into TurnKey Lender’s software to support account verification, funding, repayment, and even collections as critical elements of a successful lending solution. Payliance looks forward to growing alongside TurnKey and helping to advance the TurnKey Lender platform any way we can.”

With over 30 years of experience in the lending industry, Payliance is well-positioned to work with the target audience of TurnKey Lender. TurnKey Lender’s market-leading lending technology and Payliance’s payments and regulatory landscape expertise will fuse to expertly automate processes, payments as well as support lenders and borrowers. 

TurnKey Lender’s Head of Partnership, Kevin Hickey states, “We’re excited about the partnership we’re building with Payliance and look forward to bolstering our presence in the lending industry by combining our forces. The recognition TurnKey Lender received from Payliance, backed by its long and successful history, illustrates the strength and faith our company brings to this industry. It’s all about providing lenders and borrowers with the best experience possible and this partnership enhances our offering to existing and prospective clients in numerous ways.”

 About Payliance 

Payliance processes over 3mm transactions monthly with deep expertise in the lending, collections, E-commerce, and gaming industries. With years of experience in serving the changing needs of our clients, Payliance understands the unique compliance and risk management requirements that go beyond a traditional ACH or merchant services provider. Payliance is a trusted partner to merchants that offers some of the best ACH, card, and check-based solutions. By partnering with Payliance, TurnKey Lender is providing the creditors it works with and their borrowers with an easy-to-use integration with their ACH provider of choice. 

About TurnKey Lender 

TurnKey Lender is a global B2B SaaS company that offers AI-powered lending automation and decision management solutions and services in 50+ countries and counting. From origination and underwriting, to servicing, collection, and reporting – the company’s software can automate the entire lending process just as well as its specific parts. TurnKey Lender supports numerous credit products out of the box – both commercial and consumer – on the same flexible SaaS platform. Designed with the latest design best-practices in mind, TurnKey Lender exceeds regulatory requirements for data security, going above industry standards with SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type II compliance reports, the globally recognized PCI DSS and ISO 27001 certifications, and more. 


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