TurnKey Lender Leads the Loan Origination Software Market as of Spring 2020


In the March 24th, 2020 industry reports released by G2, the company, determined that TurnKey Lender’s digital lending solutions are leading the categories of Loan Origination and Loan Servicing.

To become a leader of a category, the product needs to be highly rated by the verified customers and have a substantial market presence to determine winning scores. With a close-to-perfect customer satisfaction rate and a growing customer base in 50+ countries, TurnKey Lender has been recognized as the leader in the digital loan technology industry.  

To qualify for inclusion in the loan origination category, a product must:

  • Adapt to changing industry policies, scoring, and regulatory requirements.
  • Have flexible credit decisioning capabilities.
  • Capture and monitor customer documents and data in one platform.
  • Integrate with loan servicing software or include comparable functionality.
  • Capture and monitor documents and data in one platform.
  • Work online and across multiple channels.

TurnKey Lender’s Loan Origination module is capable of all the items listed above and much more. The solution is powered by the company’s proprietary AI-driven credit decisioning engine that adjusts to each lender’s audience and helps clients approve more of the right loans faster than anything else on the market. 

TurnKey Lender offers lenders a 30-second credit decisioning process with reduced risks, improved margins, and minimized operational costs followed by intuitive automation of every step of the lending process. According to an independent performance test by HP, the solution processes 100+ applications a second and offers unmatched customization flexibility for back-office users. 

In addition to winning the Loan Origination category, TurnKey Lender has been featured by G2 as a high-performing solution in the loan management category. To receive a high performing award, the product has to have had high customer satisfaction scores and shown significant growth in the last quarter. TurnKey Lender’s Loan Servicing module allows for complete automation of the loan management process and can operate as a part of the company’s end-to-end Unified Lending Management solution. 

G2 Vice President, Chris Perrine, states, “G2 has seen very strong performance from Turnkey Lender and they are now the clear leader in both our Loan Origination and Loan Servicing categories. Not only are they the highest-ranked vendor in both categories, but they are also rated #1 for “easiest to use”. Turnkey Lender has done a great job of combining features with ease of use to really drive value for their customers.”

TurnKey Lender is ready to help in this time of uncertainty to make fair, accessible, and easy-to-use credit available to anyone who needs it.  All TurnKey Lender products are intelligent, robust, intuitive, and affordable. The key goal is to provide lenders with an easy way to offer fair and safe credit funds digitally.  

With TurnKey Lender, any business can have a fully operational digital lending portal up and running within just one business day. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and schedule a demo tailored to your needs. 


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