The Top 25 Financial Technology CEOs Of Asia For 2020


Dmitry Voronenko Ph.D., the CEO, and co-founder of TurnKey Lender has been listed among the top 25 FinTech CEOs of Asia in 2020 according to The Financial Technology Report. The committee selected exemplary tech leaders that have driven their companies toward continued success and innovation in the financial technology sector. The companies represented have become industry leaders in Asia and worldwide and have produced products and solutions that are defining new ways for corporations and individuals to manage their finances, as well as safely navigated the rapid waters of 2020.

Dmitry Voronenko leads TurnKey Lender, an industry-leading SaaS provider that specializes in cloud-based online lending for consumer and business credit. The company’s solutions include cloud lending, retail, payday loans, microfinance, in-house lending, lease financing, medical, dental, MFIs, student loans, factoring, invoice financing, and telecom. Dmitry leverages his breadth of technology experience to drive the company’s global growth and performance. Prior to founding TurnKey Lender, Dmitry led three successful software start-ups that were serving Fortune 100 companies and leading banks across North America, Europe and Emerging Markets.

There were several hundred nominations this year and thorough research using qualified information sources was conducted to evaluate each nominee’s leadership capabilities. The evaluation focused on factors such as career achievements and prominence in the field, the reach of the company’s offerings, and the significance of their products for the financial technology industry as a whole.

Dmitry Voronenko commented: “I’m humbled to be listed alongside these distinguished technology leaders and I’m really happy that the work we do at TurnKey Lender changes the status quo of the digital credit industry. I’m proud that despite the unexpected and radical turn to digitalization that lending took in 2020, TurnKey Lender has stood the test and provided the tools necessary to safely and smoothly transition to the online-first business model for lenders worldwide. Stay tuned, more from TurnKey Lender coming up!”

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About TurnKey Lender:

TurnKey Lender provides business with an intelligent, easy-to-use integrated SaaS platform that is easily adjusted to the business needs and includes all the functionality required to make the lending process fully digital. TurnKey Lender provides a wide range of features, integrations, and settings specific to the Canadian market, e.g. payment providers and credit bureaus.

The solution uses AI, proprietary bank-grade technology, and advanced API integrations to automate every step of the lending process from a single cloud-based solution. Different versions of the software are tailored to the needs of traditional (banks and credit unions), alternative (fintech startups, P2P lenders, microlender, etc.), and embedded lenders (any type of business that wants to sell products or services in installment payments) online or from a store.

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