The Opportunity of Mortgage Origination Software

Mortgage lending exceeds $2T per year.

The mortgage industry will always be a profitable enterprise as consumers finance their new home, refinance their old home, take out a second mortgage, get a reverse mortgage, or take out a home equity line-of-credit. Brokers and direct lenders originated more than $2 trillion in mortgage loans in 2016. And it was only the second best year of the past decade. This enormous, and consistent, opportunity explains why the industry has become dominated by fintech non-bank lenders.


You can’t compete without cutting edge technology.

Non-bank lenders from the fintech arena offer easy, digital-only mortgages via mobile platforms. It’s just not possible for lenders using old school systems to keep up with providers who cater to demand from Millennials for a faster, simpler experience with more competitive pricing.

Mortage Lending Solution

Fintech award winning home financing software.

Mortgage lending represents the lion’s share of retail lending today. And this trend won’t change as long as interest rates remain low. An ongoing challenge is the volume and complexity of paperwork required to originate, close and service the loan. And a variety of government initiatives designed to simplify the process, may actually complicate things even more. Mortgage lending is no longer a face-to-face transaction. A new generation of borrowers want to shop, negotiate terms, and close their mortgage totally online. This shift has created a hyper-competitive marketplace where e-lenders use home financing software systems to automate the process. The winners provide a paperless experience that includes: pre-populated application, instant pre-approval, competitive pricing, ability to upload financial documents, online closing, and digital funds transfers for closing and monthly payments. Turnkey Lender delivers exactly what you need to compete effectively. We offer a fintech award winning mortgage software that will pre-approve borrowers and quote rates in real time, so you capture the mobile-only prospect who has already researched multiple lenders with a few key strokes. This fully managed system is easy to install from the cloud and easy for you and your team to learn. Our customer service and tech support are available 24/7 for you and your customers. Best of all Turnkey Lender brings your mortgage business back to the future. You get a cutting edge software and account management system that delivers the level of automation and credit scoring needed to minimize processing time, accurately quote rates based on risk parameters dictated by the secondary market, and provide the highest level of cyber security for your client’s personal data. In addition the system will mine behavioral trends and identify opportunities to increase customer value over the lifetime of the account. Our credit scoring model continually fine tunes the algorithms, and the system includes bad debt triggers to alert you when there are changes to a client’s credit quality.
Turnkey Lender helped us with increasing efficiency of our scoring model in Jan-Feb 2016. They provided the highest level of consulting and technical support services. Jonathan Sarmina, Ceo Moneyveo, Mexico

Mortgage Financing Software – Key Business Benefits

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