Intelligent Digital Onboarding Solution for Lenders

Digital onboarding by TurnKey Lender is faster, easier, and safer than the alternatives. See for yourself.

TurnKey Lender reimagines customer onboarding with these key benefits

Superior user experience

Simple well-designed forms and fewer clicks result in more completed applications

Instant credit decisions

Seconds, not minutes or hours - beat other online lenders to the finish line

Cybersecure online system

All data is entered, processed, and credit scored in a secure, online environment

Custom dashboard reporting

Data is extracted from PDF documents and converted into custom, user-friendly reports

Reduced credit risk

AI-driven, alternative credit scoring combined with traditional techniques deliver more new accounts without additional credit risk

Automation efficiencies

Fully automated onboarding reduces operational expenses and improves account activation numbers


Onboarding and Security Consulting

Our digital and security experts help you build the optimal solution for your business.

Skilled 24/7 Support

Our tech support team is always ready to come to your rescue 24/7.

In-depth Employee Training

On-sight or remote training for your staff to use our onboarding solution to its fullest.