Set the stage for high-value, long-term relationships with fully digital onboarding

Digital onboarding that offers a faster, easier and more secure omni-channel experience

Re-imagine Customer Onboarding


Superior User Experience

Easy forms and fewer clicks mean more completed applications

the platform
to meet
your needs

  1. Configure application forms for superior user experience and higher conversion rates
  2. Implement a loan origination engine powered by the self-learning of deep neural networks
  3. Adjust the credit scorecard to meet your business needs and risk parameters
  4. Reach new customer segments with alternative credit scoring techniques
  5. Integrate with all the major credit bureaus, third-party services, and data providers
  6. Brand your entire lending platform with our simple white-label process


TurnKey Lender offers technology previously accessible only to big banks: from application to loan approval and funds disbursement — all in minutes.

Customer Onboarding
9 days
1-10 minutes
Operational Efficiency
Client Lifetime Value
With TurnKey Lender
Without TurnKey Lender

Trusted by hundreds of businesses
in 50+ countries

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The old, paper-based, way of doing business is inefficient, riddled with human error and slow

TurnKey Lender provides lenders with software to fully automate and digitalize onboarding process using advanced technologies and intelligent automation.

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