TurnKey Lender’s Elena Ionenko on the 938now Radio Station Morning Show (audio)

Digital Lending Interview

From pet leasing to KYC compliance scoring: Elena Ionenko and the host of Your Morning Fix Show on 938now Radio Station (Singapore), Keith De Souza, discuss it all

The co-founder and head of business development for TurnKey Lender, Elena Ionenko, sits down with the host of Your Morning Fix Show on 938NOW radio station (Singapore), Keith De Souza, to discuss the latest in Fintech for the lending business and the importance of full automation in a lending software for non-banks and SMEs. Keith asks Elena, why the company is based in Singapore, how important the micro-lending segment of the economy is for the unbanked of Asia, why TurnKey Lender software is a real gem for KYC compliance scoring, and much, much more.

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