Artificial Intelligence in TurnKey Lender

Use AI to automatically lower credit risk improve performance of your lending business.

Industry-leading AI-based scoring technologies eliminate the guesswork in lending and credit decisions, even with high-risk clients. Put sophisticated self-learning algorithms to work for your lending business to make faster and more accurate decisions immediately.

Decision Management System

The flagship AI solution behind the Turnkey Lender Decision Engine has been tested and proven in over 50 countries. It harnesses the power of deep neural networks and self-learning scoring models to evaluate borrowers in real-time. The engine can utilize any type of traditional or alternative data source to learn, predict, classify, cluster, and associate applications for decisioning.

The solution enables 30-second automatic credit decisioning in cases where it takes traditional scoring models days or even weeks.

Credit Decisioning
3 days
30 sec
With TurnKey Lender
Without TurnKey Lender

AI Under the Hood
of TurnKey Lender


AI-Driven Bank Account Statement Scoring

The Bank Account Statement Scoring Model uses deep neural networks and machine learning for high-precision analytics and adaptability designed specifically to work with Big Data.
The scoring model analyzes the customer’s banking history to characterize their financial flows, patterns, and trends considering complex non-linear interconnections between variables and is ready for:

- Automated extrapolation of new borrowers (self-learning)
- Automated process of monitoring and retraining

Unique Value Proposition


Proprietary machine learning and deep neural networks tailored to your business and customers


Fastest possible time-to-market


Market-leading, ready-to-use unified lending management solution


No-code API integration with any third-party or internal data source or service


Bank-grade automation at a fraction of a price

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Business Owners

Our users like the platform we got from TurnKey Lender much better than what we use to do. And regulatory compliance got much simpler. Thanks to TurnKey Lender’s screening and reporting functionality, we weed out the vast majority of the dangerous borrowers. Then the system-generated reports can be used for regulators. Our new TurnKey Lender platform has exceeded expectations, and the overall user experience has improved.
Seyi Olufemi
CEO at EasyLoan

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