We understand that one of the top two reasons a business will fail is because of insufficient working capital. That’s why we developed the Turnkey Lender software platform to meet two critical criteria for small and mid-size businesses: affordable installation and fast return on investment.

Affordable Installation

You choose only the modules you need to run your unique business. This menu approach saves you money, because you don’t pay for an all-inclusive functionality that you and your team may not use.

Reliable Hosting. Fast Return On Investment

Short-term you’ll see savings within months of implementing your new system. The automated processing features provide immediate time efficiencies, which translate to cost efficiencies. Our clients are able to leverage the automation and transfer FTE to higher revenue generating activities. Long-term your new system will pay for itself as it reduces credit risk, improves loss ratios, and provides your lending operation with higher yields and profits. We developed Turnkey Lender to meet the unique needs of entrepreneurial online lenders and mid-size commercial lenders. And it’s everything we set out to achieve. Give us a call or send us a message to discuss pricing and payment terms for your Turnkey Lender software platform.
Are you ready to reap the rewards of an enterprise-grade online lending software platform? One with all the functionality reserved for big financial institutions, but specially designed for a small to mid-size lender?