TurnKey Lender’s CEO at CNBC FinTech Brainstorming Session


TurnKey Lender’s CEO, Dmitry Voronenko, and 49 other industry influencers were invited to take part in an annual fintech brainstorm. The event is organized by one of America’s leading TV channels, CNBC, and 2018 FinTech Festival.  This year’s brainstorm aimed at analyzing the current challenges of the industry as a whole and at uncovering insights which would help the financial technology move forward efficiently in the nearest future.

The 50 brainstorm participants have been divided into 8 groups, each working on a separate pitch. After the heated discussion, Dmitry’s team has won the audience vote for the Best Pitch. The team predicted the Financial Armageddon in which by 2028 there will be full unification and digitization of currencies worldwide.

Dmitry Voronenko commented on the event:

“I’m really thankful to have been invited to the event! A stimulating and productive discussion organized by FinTech Festival and CNBC. It’s been a pleasure to share the stage with some of the biggest opinion leaders in the fintech industry. And kudos to my team for winning!”

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