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TurnKey Lender Wins the Credit Excellence Awards 2018

TurnKey Lender, a global provider of a benchmark software solution for credit scoring, decision automation, and loan management, has been declared a Winner in Credit Excellence Awards 2018 in the “Newcomer to the Industry” category honoring TurnKey Lender’s best-in-class lending automation and credit scoring solution for small and medium lenders.

CEA has named the 2018 winners at this year’s outstanding Credit Excellence Awards Dinner, the largest gathering of representatives of the credit industry. The event took place on October 11 in London.

The 10-category Credit Excellence Awards has established itself as a real arbiter of excellence in the credit & lending industry. The Awards were hosted by GTS Media –the leading knowledge-hub from the publishers of such respected industry publications as Credit Collections & Risk and CCR-Public Sector. The Awards were presented at this years CCRi Conference.  

“It’s an honor to be judged by such an esteemed panel of peers as the Credit Excellence Awards,” says TurnKey Lender’s head of business development Elena Ionenko. “We’re thrilled to have been selected for the finals of this prestigious Awards and vow to continue to improve on our comprehensive award-winning fully automated credit scoring and decisioning solution designed to ease the life of a small and medium lender.”

About TurnKey Lender

TurnKey Lender is a global ULM (Unified Lending Management) leader. The company designs and develops intelligent award-winning software products that automate the entire lending process. The solution's capabilities cover traditional and alternative lending, SME financing, grant management, money lending, leasing, trade finance, in-house financing, and more. As of 2019, TurnKey Lender serves customers in 50+ countries and the list keeps growing.

As a pioneer in AI software development, TurnKey Lender is gaining strong traction within regions like the United States, APAC, and EU. Company's solutions are already being used by all types of lenders from large/mid-size banks, digital lenders, and multi-finance companies to trade finance operations, traditional and non-traditional lenders and telecoms. Reach out and request a free personalized demo from the TurnKey Lender team.

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