TurnKey Lender Top Ranked in the Highest Satisfaction Product Award by SoftwareSuggest  


SoftwareSuggest, a platform that helps users find the best possible software solutions, has completed its yearly awards analyzing the performance of software companies worldwide leading the market. This year, Software Suggest named TurnKey Lender as the Highest Satisfaction Product recognizing the performance of the TurnKey Lender Unified Lending Management software and the Customer Success team at TurnKey Lender. 

Software Suggest Award is stamp of approval for software companies showcasing exceptional solutions in their respected fieldsThe Highest Satisfaction Product award signifies TurnKey Lender’s accomplishments in providing the most intelligent lending automation software on the market and the level of satisfaction from TurnKey Lender clients globally. 

TurnKey Lender is an end-to-end SaaS that automates every step of the lending process, from the loan application and borrower evaluation to origination, underwriting, servicing, collection, reporting, compliance, and more. The system is powered by proprietary deep neural networks and machine learning algorithms that allow for unmatched credit decisioning accuracy and overall security for SMEs and enterprise businesses including banks, credit unions, finance companies, in-house lenders, non-profits, and governments.  

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