TurnKey Lender Leads Consumer Loan Origination Systems Market in Everest Group’s Assessment for 2022  


TurnKey Lender partook in in-depth market research by Everest Group devoted to the Consumer Loan Origination Systems Assessment for 2022. After several months of research, TurnKey Lender is pleased to announce that the company’s loan origination software leads the market in terms of market vision and capability outperforming competing products in terms of ability to deliver complex loan origination products successfully. 

Other than the LOS systems analysis, the report explores the consumer lending industry which has seen massive shifts in the past decade due to technology advances and ever-changing customer expectations. Technology democratization and mass adoption forced banks and financial institutions to shift from a traditional to a digital lending culture, with increasing emphasis on reducing the loan processing time. Emerging from the pandemic, governments worldwide have reduced interest rates and are providing stimulus to individuals through massive lending programs. Additionally, the rise of challenger and neo-banks has forced banks and traditional lenders to rethink their technology adoption strategies. There is an increasing need for transforming lending systems to keep up with the pace of change. Banking and financial institutions are relying on digital lending platforms to modernize their processes, reduce operational costs, and improve customer experience. 

In this report, Everest assesses 23 technology providers in terms of their consumer Loan Origination Systems (LOS) products’ vision and capability and market impact and categorize them as Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants. 

About Everest Group 

Everest Group is a research firm focused on strategic IT, business services, engineering services, and sourcing. The company creates expert insights into the technologies that power crucial business processes and functions as well as the related talent trends and strategies.  

About TurnKey Lender 

TurnKey Lender is a global B2B SaaS company that offers AI-powered lending automation and decision management solutions and services in 50+ countries. From origination and underwriting to servicing, collection, and reporting, the TurnKey Lender software can automate the entire lending process just as well as its specific parts. 

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