TurnKey Lender Launches Peer-to-Peer Lending Solution

TurnKey Lender, a global leader in credit scoring, decision automation, and loan management software solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its comprehensive Marketplace Lending System to connect borrowers and lenders and provide an automated risk assessment. The product has the vast majority of the functionality right out of the box, the solution is fully customizable, and is easily integratable with credit agencies for fast credit scoring.

The TurnKey Lender’s P2P Marketplace Lending System manages complex requirements of modern-age technology-driven lending. The software platform provides full automation and AI-powered risk assessment for rapid loan approvals and borrower/investor matching. TurnKey Lender P2P Marketplace Lending System features comprehensive loan tracking mechanisms for borrower payments and investor payouts. All with the highest level of accuracy and data security.

TurnKey Lender’s Peer-to-Peer Marketplace Lending Software System is a solution that covers every step of peer-to-peer lending: from loan origination to collections to reporting.
Risk assessment is fully automated and made more accurate through the use of TurnKey Lender’s proprietary credit scoring models.

The platform allows managing investor funds and borrower billing by automating investments management across multiple borrowers, automatically calculating payment shares and disbursing to investors’ accounts.

About TurnKey Lender

TurnKey Lender is a global leader in credit scoring, decision automation, and loan management. TurnKey Lender's multiple award-winning SaaS platform is an intelligent end-to-end solution for complete automation of lending operations conducted by both non-bank lenders and banks. The solution supports all stages of a loan life cycle – from application processing and automated decision making to collections and reporting. The system can be easily integrated with any internal and external data sources and services for automatic data retrieval and processing.

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