TurnKey Lender is Finalist of Innovative Solutions Awards 2018


TurnKey Lender, a leading software vendor for credit scoring, decision automation, and loan management, is proud to announce that it has been selected as a Finalist for the 2018 Innovative Solutions Awards in the “P2P Lending Software” category.

The Awards recognizes companies that have introduced or significantly enhanced products designed to help financial institutions (banks and credit unions) become more efficient, expand their capabilities and, ultimately, better serve their customers.

“The BankNews Magazine that sponsors the Awards is a fine publication with just the right focus on fintech and we’re grateful for the recognition. In 2018 we’ve rolled out our proprietary Peer-to-Peer automated market solution, which is much more than just SaaS. It’s a comprehensive workstation for virtually any scenario P2P lending industry goes through on a daily basis. We’re glad that not only our product is gaining momentum on the marketplace but that it’s also becoming a benchmark for the industry,” says Elena Ionenko, head of business development of TurnKey Lender.

The winners of the Innovative Solutions Awards 2018 will be announced in the November issue of the BankNews Magazine.

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