TurnKey Lender is Finalist of 2018 Computing Technology Product Awards


As an acknowledgment of TurnKey Lender’s contribution to the SaaS, TurnKey Lender, a global leader in credit scoring, decision automation, and loan management software development, is selected as a finalist of the 2018 Computing Technology Product Awards in the “Best Software-as-a-Service Provider” category.

The Computing Technology Product Awards recognizes the most groundbreaking specialists in technology that specialize in cloud solutions, business software and mobility, infrastructure, security, and various other computing technology products.

“We are fortunate to have had a chance to showcase our fully automated lending solution for lenders medium and small,” says the head of business development for TurnKey Lender, Elena Ionenko commenting on the Awards. “Having a reputable podium is vital for presenting your ideas to the public and being given due credit by our peers as a truly ingenious member of the community. We’re thrilled to become finalists of an Award of this caliber.”

The Awards ceremony will take place on November 30th, 2018 in London.


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